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Chapter 41: The Psychology of the Buddhas

But within two to three days you accumulate again the same burden, because the psychoanalysis, as it is practiced, is not destroying your inhibitions, it is simply giving you temporary relief. At the most you may become a normal human being. That means you may reach to the fourth stage, in which the whole of humanity is living. That is not much of a gain.

And you have not been given any insight into how to go on growing. You have not even been told that there is anything above the normal conscious mind. In fact, even the psychoanalysts don’t know that there is something above it - and they are not interested, for the simple reason that the person who goes above is not a patient. He has no dreams to analyze, he is not sick anymore. He is for the first time healthy, and getting more and more healthy. At the seventh stage he will be whole.

To me, that’s what “holy” should mean - not being a saint according to a certain doctrine, not being an ascetic, not following Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism.

The real holiness is the fragrance of becoming whole, becoming one with the whole.

But because psychoanalysis has become a business in the West.and it was meant to become a business. It was created by a Jew, and it is mostly dominated by the Jews; it is a Jewish profession. And whatever the Jews do will become a business. Christianity became a business - that was the working of a Jewish carpenter, Jesus Christ. It is big business. Sigmund Freud has created another big business.

What I am saying and doing is to destroy it as a business. It is something more valuable. It is something that should not be categorized as a profession, as a business: it is human growth, and we should look for higher states.

Perhaps the people who have fallen lower than the normal, if they had known that there were higher stages, may have fallen higher. Why choose the lower when you know.?

There is a story, a Sufi story. It must be a story, it cannot be true, but it has some truth in it.

A Sufi mystic, who was known to be a little bit eccentric, a little crazy, was staying in a disciple’s house. And they thought, “This man is known to do things which create unnecessary nuisance, and he enjoys it. So let him sleep in the basement, and we will lock the door so in the night at least he cannot do anything.”

Suddenly in the middle of the night they heard great laughter coming from the roof. They rushed up, and they saw the saint rolling on the roof and laughing a belly laughter. He could not stop even to tell them what had happened.

The host asked, “What has happened?”

He said, “Strange things happen to me - I started falling upwards! You put me in the basement, and in the night I started falling upwards - I am here on the roof! That’s why I am laughing, because this is not the normal way of falling, and you will think that I am being a nuisance.”

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