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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

All these things have to be combined together into a synthesis, a whole, and man can be completely free from diseases. Man will be able to live at least three hundred years; that is a scientific estimate. His body has the possibility to go on renewing itself for three hundred years. So whatever we have been doing is basically wrong because man dies at seventy.

And there are proofs.

In a part of Kashmir which is now part of Pakistan - Pakistan has occupied it - people live very easily to one hundred and fifty years. In Russia there are many people who are one hundred and fifty years old, and there are people who have even reached one hundred and eighty.

Now, these people’s foods, their habits should be studied, and those foods and those habits should be made known.

A person one hundred and eighty years old in Soviet Russia, in a particular part of the Caucasus, still works in the field just like any young man; he is not even old. His food, his way of living has to be looked into very deeply. And there are many people in that area - only in that area, Caucasia.That area has produced really strong people. Joseph Stalin himself was from that area; George Gurdjieff was from that area - tremendously strong people.

Medicine needs a totally new orientation. It is possible now because everything is known that has happened around the world; we just should not be prejudiced from the very beginning.

It seems that whenever success is announced, new diseases like heart failure, cancer and AIDS appear. Why is this so?

The people who are working, researching new medicines go on declaring new successes in their fields. But their successes in their scientific research work has nothing to do with what humanity is continuously doing; they are unrelated.

For example, homosexuality has created AIDS. Scientists are not responsible for it. The medical profession is not responsible for it, but in some way it has supported the basic cause that creates homosexuality. For example, no medical person, no Nobel prize winning medical man has the guts to say that celibacy is unnatural, and sooner or later it is going to create troubles.

The problem is that the scientist is also an ordinary human being; he is a Catholic, he is a Hindu, he is a Mohammedan. In his lab while he is doing his work he is not a Catholic, he is not a Mohammedan. But outside his research work he is just an ordinary man with all the prejudices and conditionings. Even though he knows perfectly well through his scientific researches that celibacy is not possible, and if you try for the impossible you are going to get into troubles.

All the religions have been teaching celibacy.

Celibacy is the cause of homosexuality.

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