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Chapter 17: Such Is This Mystery

That is why the sage says it very consciously, knowingly - they are not words said in passing:.known by all vedanta, the state beyond knowledge. Not known through the Vedas, because that which is known through accumulated knowledge is not knowing. The knowing of the ultimate reality is not an accumulated knowledge, it is already within ourselves; it does not need to be brought in from the outside.

So it is possible that universities may be closed down and the education system discontinued - this movement seems to be happening all over the world. If the movements of young people, hippies and others succeed, then universities will not run and libraries will be burned; soon everything will end. But there will be no harm done to the brahmangyan, the knowing of brahman, experiencing brahman. All the Vedas may be burned, the Bible and the Koran may be destroyed, but the knowing of brahman will not be affected because it is never attained through them. They have no relevance to it. Whenever the knowing of brahman happens, it comes from within. It may have been expressed on the outside, but its attainment is never from the outside.

The Vedas may have tried to say what the realization of brahman is, but it is never received from the Vedas. They may contain the expression - everyone who has known this state has tried to convey it, and the compilation of all this has created the Vedas - but whosoever has known this state has not known it through the Vedas, he has known it by vedanta, by going beyond knowledge. And when I say “the state beyond knowledge,” I mean the end of knowledge - when knowledge is transcended, when he lets go of knowledge.

Such a man says: “I have known everything, but all that knowledge has come from the outside. Now I renounce it all and want to know that which is within, which never comes from the outside. Now I want to seek and know that purest reality which is never available from the outside and is always present inside.”

Hence the sage says:

.known by all vedanta,
the state beyond knowledge.

This needs to be understood. If the sage had only said “that has been known by vedanta,” it would have been slightly wrong. But the sage says “that has been known by all vedanta.” Because it is not that the understanding of vedanta is born only in India, no. Wherever it has happened, wherever this state beyond knowledge has happened, all is included.

What Jesus realized is also vedanta, this state beyond knowledge, although he was not aware of the Upanishads - that was not necessary. When Lao Tzu came to realize it, it was through vedanta; when Eckhart came to realize it, it was through vedanta - whenever anyone in the world has realized it, it has happened through vedanta, the state beyond knowledge. Whatever collection of knowledge they had, it was only through dropping it that they came to realize the ultimate reality.

So the sage says:

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