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Chapter 1: To Create a Few More Rainbows

I have seen and condemned everything that was happening but was not in favor of the Hindu monks, Jaina monks. I have been consistently condemning celibacy as one of the most unnatural acts. Now two Jaina monks have come with their own autobiographies, renouncing the Jaina fold and declaring that behind celibacy all kinds of sexual perversions are prevalent.

Young women are persuaded to become nuns. The family feels fortunate that their daughter has been accepted as a nun, and also financially it is good. In India for a girl to be married is the worst calamity that can happen to a family. But if a girl is accepted as a nun the whole family becomes in a certain way holy. And these nuns are exploited sexually.

I have been in contact with nuns and monks, and they have in privacy accepted that, “You are right, but our problem is we are not educated. If we leave the monkhood the same people who touch our feet are going to kill us or at least are going to reduce us to beggars on the streets.”

The Hindu Acharya Tulsi has been trying to get the government to prohibit these two books that have just been published, because he himself is implicated in homosexuality. In fact if the Indian government had any guts the first thing would be to require that all the monks - to whichever religion they belonged - should be examined thoroughly, because most probably their perversions of centuries have brought the AIDS positive. That seems to be their only positive contribution to the world!

Maneesha’s sutra:

Beloved Bhagwan.

You will have to learn, Maneesha, not to call me by that ugly name again. I am just your friend. That’s what Gautam Buddha’s prophecy was: “My name after twenty-five centuries, if I can find a vehicle, will be Maitreya Gautam Buddha.” Maitreya means the friend. From now onwards you will have to change your old habit.

I am your Beloved Friend. You can call me “Beloved Buddha,” which simply means the awakened one. But we have to spread around the earth that I have denounced “Bhagwan.” I have in fact, just one day, taken it on myself to denounce it. I don’t have any rights on it, but I have every right not to call myself Bhagwan.

The sutra:

Once a monk was asked by Kyozan, “Where have you come from?” to which the monk replied, “From Yushu.”
Kyozan then asked him, “I would like to know something interesting about Yushu; what is the price of rice there?”

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