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Chapter 5: I Am Just Myself

What is this one thing that Kyozan mentioned? This one thing is your consciousness. Nothing can be said about it, because it is as invisible as the air. Nothing can be done to it, because it is born perfect.

Chosa’s comment was:

“Perhaps I should employ you and use it.”
Kyozan said, “Try it!”
Instantly, Chosa trampled on Kyozan.

What can be the significance of Chosa trampling upon Kyozan?

He is saying, “This body that I am trampling, you are not. And this mind that is asking me to try it, you are not. But while I am trampling you, deep down I can see your witness. This witness is the one thing, the most important, the most significant - the only thing which is incomparable in the whole existence.”

Kyozan then commented, “Uncle, you are like a fierce tiger!”

Obviously, he trampled on Kyozan to make it clear to him that “you are only the watcher.” And that is the only thing which cannot be said, cannot be explained, but can only be indicated. And the way he indicated it is the way of a tiger or a lion.

Moritake wrote:

A morning glory!
And so, today,
may seem my own life story.

The morning glory is one of the most beautiful flowers - particularly in the Far East. And Moritake, an enlightened master, is saying:

“A morning glory.it opens itself as the sun rises, as the birds start singing, as the whole atmosphere becomes cool with the morning breeze. And the morning glory has a tremendous perfume.”

And so, today,
may seem my own life story.

Moritake is saying, “The dark night of my soul has ended. The dawn that I have been searching for millions of lives has finally arrived. The sun is rising and the morning glory suddenly has opened and thrown its perfume to the breeze to take it as far away as possible.

“It seems to me,” says Moritake, “this is my whole life story. My being has also come to a flowering, and in the very innermost core my sun has risen. The night is over and the day of my awakening has started. This day of awakening and awareness knows no end.”

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