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Chapter 40: My Disciples Are My Garden

The manager rushes backstage, tries hard, but it is just a mistake of the carpenter who has made the wheel on which the rope has to move. The situation is becoming so hilarious that just out of nervousness he cuts the rope - something has to be done.

Lakshmana is lying down flat on the platform, dead. Rama is standing there. Although he can see Hanuman is just over his head, he is still saying, “Hanuman, it is getting very late. Come soon! Where have you gone?” And people are laughing, because this is stupid.

Even Lakshmana, who is supposed to be unconscious, on hearing so much laughter opens his eyes and looks at Hanuman and starts laughing. And Rama says, “Shut up! You are not supposed to laugh, you are unconscious.” So the poor fellow remains unconscious.

At that moment the rope is cut and Hanuman falls on the stage. The whole mountain is shattered all over the stage. And he has a fractured leg, and he is one of the wrestlers in the town, so he forgets completely that he is Hanuman.

And Rama goes on repeating the dialogue that is supposed to be.”Hanuman, you have done great.”

He said, “Oh, shut up! First tell me who cut the rope!”

Rama said, “But my brother is dying.”

He said, “Let him die! My leg is broken. Where is that physician?”

Now the manager sees that things have gone from bad to worse. People are jumping and enjoying, and poor Rama is somehow trying to manage but Hanuman is really angry; he has forgotten completely. The curtain is dropped; the manager can see no other way. And somehow Hanuman has to be taken behind the stage: “Don’t create such a scene. Have you forgotten that you are Hanuman?”

He says, “Who says I am Hanuman? First my broken leg! And I don’t care whether Lakshmana dies or not; let everybody die. First my leg has to be taken care of.”

But they say, “You have forgotten completely that you are Hanuman?”

He said, “Nonsense, I have never been Hanuman, it is just a drama. I am myself: Ram Kishore Pande is my name. ‘Hanumana, Hanumana.’ In being Hanuman this has happened! Next year, I will see who becomes Hanuman. I am not going to become Hanuman, and I will not allow anybody else to do it either. In this village, nobody is going to become Hanuman. If you cannot manage things rightly, you should not impose such things on us poor people. Now I will remain lame for my whole life. My leg.neither is Hanuman going to help, nor Lakshmana, nor Rama. And where is that physician?”

The physician had escaped, because he was afraid - that rascal is dangerous, he may start beating him or doing anything: “You were trying to revive a dead man. Now at least make my leg right.”

The identity that you have got is a drama. It is not your reality.

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