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Chapter 3: By a Fiery Intention

Unless one takes possession of one’s own being very consciously, the revolution is not going to happen. You will go on growing but your growth will be horizontal. The monkey becomes man, the man may even become a superman - more powerful, technically more equipped, scientifically stronger - but it will not be anything new. It will not be christ-consciousness; man will remain on the same plane.

You can see it; monkeys and man are not very different. The difference can at the most be quantitative but not qualitative. Maybe the monkey is more stupid than man, or man is a little more intelligent than the monkey, but there is no gap. And Charles Darwin is right that man has evolved out of the monkey. It is evolution. Given time, given opportunity, the monkey was going to become man. Given time, given opportunity, the man is going to become superman. Remember, the superman is not equivalent to a Buddha, the superman is not equivalent to Christ. The superman is in the same line where you are, where monkeys are, where fish and other animals are. It is the same line, the same ladder, of course on a higher rung, but the ladder is the same.

Revolution brings another dimension. The old and the new are not joined together; there is a gap, a discontinuity. Evolution is understandable because it is logical, it is Aristotelian. Revolution is mysterious; it is not understandable, you have to go through it to know it. Revolution is a little crazy, because it is neither mathematical nor mechanical. It is not unconscious either, as the evolutionary process is. It is a conscious grip upon reality, a conscious hold of your being. You don’t carry the blueprint for it, you have to create it.

That is the beauty of religion: religion is the science of revolution. All other sciences only describe what evolution is. Religion is the only science of revolution; it prepares you for the jump, the quantum leap.

There can be no reason to jump. Reasoning is remaining - there can only be reasons to remain with all that is old and known and secure underfoot. Logically, when one comes to an empty space, encounters an abyss, a discontinuity, one ought to halt. All logic will say, “Halt! Stop! Turn back! You have come to a cul-de-sac, now there is no more going. If you take another step you will die. Facing you is an abysmal depth, you will be lost forever.” Logic will say, reason will say, mind will say, “Halt! Stop! Go back! Find another way towards achievement. This is not the way, this way has ended.”

But life is that which leaps. Logic is that which says “Stop!” and life is that which leaps. That life is religion. And unless you have that life which leaps you can’t have religion, you don’t know what religion is. Christianity is not religion, Hinduism is not religion. This leap, this courage, this adventure, this movement from the known into the unknown, from the lighted path into the darkness of the unknown, from the familiar into the unfamiliar, from the comfortable and the convenient into the hazardous, this life is religion.

Kabir sings of this revolution, of this life, of this religion. He is the poet of man’s dream of becoming God.

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