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Chapter 27: I Can See a Shoe in Your Heart

It’s hilarious! I keep drinking and drinking, and you are the one who is drunk. Could you please pass the bottle - no, the whole ocean - once more?

Okay. Satyadharma.an American, an Englishman, and a Frenchman are on a boat. After a while, the boat begins to sink. The Englishman, being a gentleman, says, “Women and children first.”

The American says, “Fuck them!”

The Frenchman says, “Do we have time?”

You are drunk; but no drunk accepts that he’s drunk, he goes on asking for more bottles.

In a pub one night, a drunk was creating too much nuisance. He was utterly drunk, and still was asking: “More bottles.”

The owner of the pub said, “Absolutely no!” and called his servants to throw the man out of the door. He said, “It is more than you can absorb. Come again tomorrow, but tonight just go home and rest.”

The drunk was feeling very thirsty - that is one of the problems in drinking: the more you drink, the more thirsty you feel. He went staggering a few steps and came back in from the back door and asked for a few bottles.

The owner said to the servants, “Throw him back out again.”

He said, “It is strange.do you own all the pubs in the city?”

Satyadharma, you are saying, “It is hilarious..” It is! “I keep drinking and drinking, and.you are the one who is drunk.” If I was not drunk, from where would you go on drinking and drinking?

Here you are sitting with all kinds of drunkards. Even if you come sober, just sitting with these people, soon you will start feeling something hilarious is happening. Even the air is very heavy; just breathing with all these people is enough for amateurs to get drunk. And don’t ask for the bottle; the whole ocean will be delivered to you - just become capable of absorbing it.

Our capacity in every dimension is very limited. And as far as drinking is concerned - particularly drinking joy, ecstasy, blissfulness - our capacity is very limited. We soon come to a point beyond which we cannot move. The fear of being lost.one has to learn to drop the fear, and to learn the art of being lost.

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