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Chapter 30: Just a Pure Silence with No Feeling of “I”

The more you learn, the more you want to learn, because the more you learn the more you see how much is there to learn. The more you learn, the more you see how much you are ignorant. The thirst disappears only when you have arrived to the ultimate end beyond which there is nothing. And that is the point I call enlightenment.

It sounds boring.

It sounds; it is not.

What’s interesting about it?

You think that excitement is interesting. You think that learning new things every day is interesting. It is really your boredom. You get bored with one thing so you want to move to another thing. For a time being the other thing is new and you feel excited.

Every day a new sun rises.

You will get bored. What I am saying is that what you call learning and excitement is nothing but postponing boredom. You learn something; while you are learning, you are excited, it is opening new ways, new feelings, new spaces, but soon they are all old, you want more, you want to learn more. You are fed up with this, you are bored. That’s why you think that if there comes a point where there is no more left to learn you will be bored. But you don’t know that when there is no more anything left to be learned, there is no more anybody left to learn either. The learning and the learner are not two things; they disappear together. Who is going to be bored? You have to be there to be bored. You are not there. Just a pure silence with no feeling of I, with no sense of ego, with nobody present, but just a pure presence. There is nothing to learn, there is nothing to be bored, and there is nothing to be excited.

This state is the ultimate state of peace, bliss.

Once you’re enlightened, couldn’t you learn something new like riding a bicycle or driving a helicopter. Isn’t there something left to be learned?

What I am talking about has nothing to do with bicycles and helicopters. And what I am talking about, if you experience it, then neither helicopters have any excitement nor rockets have any excitement - they are all toys for idiots to play with.

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