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Chapter 11: Something Greater Is Possible

Whenever you see that the person you are trying to help is not receptive, look within yourself. Do something to yourself, change yourself, be more humble. If here, within, you become more humble then there, resistance is gone. It is very easy for a leader to become aggressive, and if you are, you can destroy but you cannot create. It is a great training for a leader - greater than it is for the led. It has been good and much more will happen.

I feel the training needs to be longer than this one has been. These three days have been just a taste.

And that too is right - three days is not enough time. The next group can be of seven days.

In fact all changes start near the fourth day, because mind has a certain resistance. On the first day it is very, very resistant. By the second day it learns that it is simply foolish to be resistant: you are simply wasting your energy and time; no one else is harmed but you. So on the second day one relaxes a little.

On the third day, because one is beginning to relax, one starts understanding that more is possible, and why settle for less? On the fourth day one relaxes. This is ordinarily. A few rare people, who are receptive, can be open on the first day; a few people, very egoistic, will not even be on the seventh day. But as a general rule the fourth day is the most potential day, and after that day things start on a different plane.

This group has been a lot more receptive than other groups I’ve experienced in the States.

It is going to be totally different. It is going to be totally different because they are sannyasins; they are not just curious people. They have a commitment, they have dared. They are consciously trying to change themselves; it is not only a question of learning.

You can learn in two ways. In one, you remain the same, and when you learn something it becomes additional richness to you; it fulfills and feeds the ego. You remain the same. It is just that your possessions increase - you possess more knowledge.

Then there is another type of learning, where through learning you dissolve. Rather than becoming more, you become less. And if you have really learned, then you are not there; only learning is there. The real seeker is not after accumulated knowledge.

That’s why I insist for sannyas, because after someone has taken sannyas he is showing a great gesture of affirmation, of surrender, of yea-saying, of receptivity. By the very gesture of sannyas he has become different. The same person will take things in a totally different perspective now. He will be less resistant, more cooperative, and he will feel more responsibility. So it is going to be different.

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