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Chapter 26: To Be Effortless Is Just to Be Spontaneous

O’Reilly is confused and stammers, “Nothing!”

“Well,” chuckles the ghost, “have a hump!”

Ronald Reagan orders the American post office to have his portrait printed on a special edition of postage stamps.

When he hears that the stamps are not selling very well, he summons the Postmaster General to his office in the White House and demands to know the reason why.

“Well,” explains the postmaster, “it is because the stamps would not stick to the envelopes.”

Reagan is furious and asks why the post office does not use the right glue for the stamps.

“It is not the glue,” says the postmaster, “it is because everybody spits on the wrong side!”

Now two minutes for absolute silence, no movements of the body.as if no one is here.

.Now, let go.

.Come back to life.