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Chapter 1: Clear the Mind

- and it is a beautiful statement from the master:

Hanging from a cliff,
let go - and agree
to accept the experience.

That is the most important part in it: Hanging from a cliff, let go.

That is accepting death of the ego. But don’t do it with effort, with tension. Don’t do it to achieve anything based on greed or ambition; just do it simply to discover your real self. The right way of doing is.agree to accept the experience.

Yuan Wu tells Ta Hui: You have not agreed to accept the experience, so only the first half is complete. The ego has died and has left you in a limbo, because you have not been absolutely total in your let-go. Let-go you managed - but it was a managed let-go, it was not a spontaneous acceptance. You have not enjoyed the let-go. If you had enjoyed, then:

After annihilation,
come back to life -
I could not deceive you.

He was a man of few words. It is unfortunate.very rarely a few people become enlightened, but out of those few the major part never say anything. The few who say anything say only fragments, and in a language.unless you are enlightened it will not be possible to comprehend their meaning. And a few never say a single word. They don’t leave any trace on the sands of this bank, of this shore; they simply disappear into the other shore.

Ta Hui, hearing this saying from the master Yuan Wu, Hanging from a cliff, let-go - and agree to accept the experience.If you can manage this falling into the abyss as a celebration, with a joyful heart, then After annihilation, come back to life - then there is no problem: you will come back to life. In fact, what you used to think of as life was not life; now you will come to the eternal life. But the bridge between the two is total acceptance.

Yuan Wu must have seen in the eyes of Ta Hui some doubt, some question mark. That’s why he adds, “I could not deceive you.”

Ta Hui remained with Master Yuan Wu; he fell in love with the master. When the master could even see in his mind just a little doubt, and had to say, “I could not deceive you,” it was clear that he had come to the right man, who could look into his very being and could say in exact words what had happened to him. Half of his journey was over, but because he had not been in a total accepting mood, the half had been incomplete.”Now accept totally, and resurrection will happen on its own.”

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