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Chapter 22: This Whole Earth Belongs to Us

Do I betray my real self, and only myself, by not letting go?

In this commune, you cannot betray anybody except yourself. In the outside world the situation is different. You can betray Christianity, you can betray Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohammed. You can betray communism, Karl Marx. You can betray a thousand and one things, for the simple reason that they are all asking for your faith. Betrayal comes as the other side of faith.

I am not asking for your belief, I am not asking for your faith. There is no way to betray me or anybody else here. This is a commune of individuals, totally independent, living out of their freedom and responsibility.

There is nobody above you. You are alone here! So if you betray, you can betray only yourself. Let this sink as deep as possible in you, because every faith creates rebels, and every belief creates disbelief. The very seed of betrayal is sown in the idea of obedience.

God thought that Adam and Eve had betrayed him. In fact, he had created the whole situation himself. The Christian-Judaic God is a fascist. He orders his own children not to be wise, not to have eternal life. He is provoking them to betray. If they have any guts, they will do just what he is telling them not to do. And then he dumps on them that they have betrayed, they have not followed, they have not been faithful, reliable, trustworthy. They have committed a sin, they should be punished for it. And not only are Adam and Eve punished; generation after generation, each human child is being punished because thousands of years ago Adam and Eve had betrayed God.

You cannot betray me. You cannot betray anybody else in this commune. You are here out of your freedom, you can leave out of your freedom. You are welcome to come in; you are welcome to go out. Our respect for your individuality, for your freedom, for your decision, is absolute.

So remember: either you can fulfill yourself or you can betray yourself. If you fulfill yourself, your freedom will become a fragrance. If you fulfill yourself, your individuality will reach to its ultimate potential.

If you betray yourself, you will remain retarded. But nobody is punishing you. It is your action and its consequence.

If all the world’s religions have been doing things now in the hope of reward later - in the hereafter for the Christians - how can we avoid falling into the same trap, because of habit, of meditating now towards enlightenment later, and in that waiting for it to happen, missing now?

That is this enlightenment all about? What do you understand by enlightenment?

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