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Chapter 3: The Seeds to the Flowers: Creating the Milieu

Seeing that instead of becoming liberated man’s soul has become full of fear because of taboos born out of so-called religions and spiritual traditions, what plans do you have in your program for human liberation?

Human liberation is like man’s health. The diseases can be different - someone is suffering from TB, someone from a cold, someone from a fever or cancer - the diseases can be thousands, but health itself is just one. There are not many kinds of health. Human liberation is man’s ultimate health, his ultimate flowering. It is the fragrance arising out of his life.

As a result of thousands of years of continuously searching, man has discovered the science of this too. I call this science meditation. No man can ever experience liberation except through meditation. Neither can prayer take you toward liberation, because in prayer from the very beginning you are accepting a basic lie: you are believing that God exists. You don’t know him, you have no acquaintance with him - if you were to meet God on the way you wouldn’t be able to recognize him. And because prayer is extrovert, it is worldly.

There is one more journey - that of meditation - which is introvert, in which you set out in search of yourself, in which you make getting acquainted with yourself your journey. And the day one becomes acquainted with oneself, authentic benediction showers in your life. And that showering rain is one and the same. That rain does not bother to see if this is the roof of a Mohammedan, of a Hindu or of a Jaina. What has a rain cloud to do with that? Just your readiness is required.

And the key to meditation is very small. All keys are small. The small key to meditation is that there is so much peace within that not a ripple of thought stirs; such a silence within that no wave arises; such an emptiness that only you are and there is nothing else; where there is not even a feeling of “I am.” In that very moment this whole existence becomes godliness and it showers upon you.

Godliness is not something that requires a search. Those who set out in search of godliness are under an illusion. What capacity have you to search for godliness? You have no previous acquaintance, you don’t know its name, you don’t know its form or color. Godliness searches for you.

There is an ancient Egyptian proverb that when a disciple is ready, the master appears. With a slight change, it can be put this way: whenever you become peaceful, empty and silent, your inner being is filled with the bliss and the beauty of godliness. Except for this, there has never been ever any other way, nor will there ever be.

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