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Chapter 2: Desireless, You Are Enlightened

But if you are partial you cannot cover the whole ground. Patanjali is not partial. He is less concerned with you, more concerned with the past designs of the path. He will not use a lie; he will not use a device, he will not compromise with you. No scientist can compromise.

Buddha can compromise. He has compassion, he is not treating you scientifically. A very deep human feeling is there for you. He can even lie just to help you - and you cannot understand the truth - he compromises with you.

Patanjali will not compromise with you. Whatsoever is the fact, he will talk about the fact. And he will not descend a single step to meet you, he is absolutely uncompromising. Science has to be. Science cannot compromise, otherwise it will itself become a religion. He is neither atheist nor theist. He is neither Hindu nor Mohammedan nor Christian nor Jaina nor Buddhist. He is absolutely a scientific seeker just revealing whatsoever is the case, revealing without any myth. He will not use a single parable. Jesus will go on talking in stories because you are children and you can only understand stories. He will talk in parables. Buddha uses so many stories just to help you to attain a little glimpse.

I was reading about a Hassid, a Jewish master, Baal Shem. He was a rabbi in a small village, and whenever there was some trouble, some disease, some calamity in the village, he would move into the forest. He would go to a certain spot under a certain tree and there he would do some ritual and then he would pray to God. And it always happened that the calamity would leave the village, the illness would disappear from the village, the trouble would go.

Then Baal Shem died. So his successor.. The problem came again - the village was in trouble. There was some calamity and the villagers asked the successor, the new rabbi, to go to the forest and pray to God. The new rabbi was very much disturbed because he didn’t know the spot, the exact tree. He was unacquainted, but still he went under any tree. He burned the fire, did the ritual and prayed and said to God, “Look, I don’t know the exact spot my master used to come to, but you know. You are omnipotent, you are omnipresent, so you know - so there is no need to seek for the exact spot. My village is in some trouble, so listen and do something.” The calamity was gone.

Then when this rabbi died and his successor was there again the problem came. The village was in a certain crisis and they came. The rabbi was disturbed, he had even forgotten the prayer. So he went into the forest, chose any place. He didn’t know how to burn the ritual fire but anyhow he burned the fire and said to God, “Listen, I don’t know how to burn the ritual fire, I don’t know the exact spot and I have forgotten the prayer. But you are all-knowing so you know already; there is no need for me to know. So do whatsoever is needed.” And he came back and the village passed through the crisis.

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