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Chapter 3: The Journey Is the Goal

And you are burdened with so much plastic: that is the problem. The world is not the problem. The so-called religious people go on saying, “Renounce the world.” I say to you that the world is not the problem at all. Renounce the falsity - that is the problem; renounce the artificial - that is the problem. There is no need to renounce your family, but renounce all that pseudo-family that you have created there. Be true, authentic.

Sometimes it will be very painful to be true and to be authentic. It is not cheap. To be untrue and inauthentic is cheap, convenient, comfortable. It is a trick, a strategy to protect yourself; it is an armor. But then you will miss the truth that you have been carrying in your soul. Then you will never know what godliness is, because godliness can only be known within you: first within, then without; first in, then out - because that is the closest thing to you, your own being. If you miss godliness there how can you see it in Krishna, Christ, Buddha? All nonsense. You cannot see godliness in Krishna if you cannot see it in yourself. And how can you see godliness in yourself if you are continuously creating lies around you? The lies are so much that you have almost forgotten the way to your being. You are lost in the jungle of lies.

So the first thing to remember. You say, “One day you emphasize being mature, another day you say ‘be like a child.’” There is no contradiction in it. Just by being like a child you will become mature; that is the beginning of maturity. You were not allowed by your parents and by your society.

Sannyas is just an effort to undo the wrong that has been done to you by the society, to erase, to annihilate all that has been created around you by your society. Sannyas is a revolution. It is rebellion, rebellion against the so-called pseudo-life. It is risky, it is dangerous, because you will start falling away from the pseudo-people around you. You will become a misfit. You will have troubles.

Lies are very convenient. Frederick Nietzsche has said that man cannot live without lies, and for about ninety-nine percent of people he is right. Why cannot man live without lies? - because lies function as buffers, shock absorbers. Lies function like a lubrication; you don’t go on colliding with people. You smile and the other smiles - this is lubrication. You may be feeling angry inside, you may be full of rage, but you go on saying to your wife “I love you.” To express the rage is to get into trouble.

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