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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

And he proudly says, “I believe in God” - without understanding a single word. What does belief mean? Belief means you don’t know. It is utterly in ignorance that people have forced the idea on you, and you carry it as if you know God. A man who believes in God should be ashamed, not proud.

Believing is hiding your ignorance.

Knowing is a totally different matter.

But Christianity and all other religions go on confusing people’s minds. They never make the distinction between believing and knowing. A blind man can believe in light, but that is not going to help. One needs eyes to see the light, and then there is no need to believe. When you know something, is there any need to believe in it?

Do you believe in light? Do you believe in the moon? Do you believe in the stars? You simply know, there is no question of belief. Belief arises only for fictions, for lies, not for truth. Every belief system is a hindrance for spirituality.

But that young man, I could see in his face, I could see in his eyes.. And I immediately inquired, “What is wrong with him? So young and he has already become dead?” His father who had come here to meditate and who wanted to be a sannyasin was younger than him. He wanted to live here his whole life after hearing me and everything I said about Christianity.

His mother is far younger than him. She wants to come here and stay for a few days, to meditate. She loved the place, she loved the people. She was touched very much by your ceremony for her husband. Nowhere in the world would she have got that ceremony for her husband.

Death, according to Christianity, is a taboo: you should not talk about it. Death is taboo.. And life is also taboo, you should not live it! Death you should not talk about, and life you should not live! They don’t leave you any alternative - neither can you live, nor can you die. They keep you hanging in the middle, half-dead, half-alive.

This creates schizophrenia. You are not allowed to be total in anything: in life, in death, in love - only partially involved. A man who is partially involved is only partially alive. The deeper your involvement in existence, the deeper your life. When you are involved totally in life, in death, in love, in meditation, in any kind of thing that you want to do - painting, music, poetry, dance - unless you are totally involved in it you will never know the maximum, the optimum pleasure, the optimum blissfulness.

People are living only at the minimum, just surviving, or, to be absolutely truthful, just vegetating - just waiting.and waiting, and nothing happens in their life. No flowers blossom in their life, no festivals happen in their life. And their death is as ugly as their life was, because death is the ultimate culmination of your life.

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