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Chapter 7: The Disease Called Seriousness

So I have written to him that there are two possibilities. “A person, you have believed as divine became angry, so there are two possibilities: either this man is not divine, or your definition of divine was wrong!”

But no, your definition can never be wrong: “This man is wrong!” Your definition is more solid than fifteen years of faith and trust.

Your definition.but who says that the divine cannot be angry? Who says? We don’t know what the divine is, but we fix the definition. Who says that the divine cannot be angry? Of course a divine person must be angry in a divine way -that’s another thing!

But we have definitions. And life always transcends all definitions so we are frustrated.

So I have written to the man that that person was very honest: “He could be angry before you.” It is very simple not to be angry in front of a person who has believed in you as bhagwan for fifteen years. It is very simple not to be angry. It is not such a difficult thing. But he was very sincere, he flowed, he could be angry.

Rinzai, a Zen master died. Then his disciple, the chief disciple, began to weep. So there were at least one lakh people there. They were very frustrated because this disciple was known to be a person who has realized, so how could he weep? “He must not weep, because if a realized person weeps then everything is lost. Then there is no difference.”

So some friends came and requested him not to weep because his whole image would be destroyed. But the disciple said, “When have I promised you that I should not weep? And was it a condition, that you will believe me to be realized if I don’t weep? When was this promise made? So do two things: either decide that I am not a realized person, or change your definition so that a realized person can weep - of course in a realized way!”

Really, a person who lives at one with life just flows. There is no resistance. Anything that comes, comes; anything that happens, happens. He has no resistance. He is not going to say to life that this must not happen. He has okayed the whole. He has said yes to everything.

In the name of conflict, condemnation, struggle we have created images of divine persons, realized persons, according to our definitions. So if Mahavira laughs, then his disciples will feel something has gone wrong: it is inconceivable because according to the disciples’ definition - a dead definition. And definitions can never be living because anything living changes, and definitions cannot change. And if a definition changes, then it is not a definition at all. It is fixed, and life is never fixed.

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