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Chapter 13: Light in the Seed

And who would not like to go to heaven? And all the heavenly pleasures.and they are eternal and this life is momentary, and this life is going to finish anyway sooner or later. And what is there to be so worried about in this life? It is ugly, it is painful, it is suffering, it is misery. These same people have made this life so miserable that anybody would like to die.

I have heard:

A British politician was talking to Adolf Hitler just before the Second World War started. He had gone to persuade him not to enter into this foolish war: “It is not going to help anybody, it will be destructive to the whole world.”

But Adolf Hitler was adamant. In fact he thought that the coming of this diplomat simply showed the weakness of the English people. He made it a point to prove to this diplomat that “We are going to fight. And it will be better and in your favor if you surrender easily, otherwise you will be unnecessarily massacred, killed and destroyed.”

He showed him all the scientific developments that they had made, that they were going to use in war. Of course they were the most superior power of those days; they had the most developed technology, particularly war technology. And then, finally, to prove that “Not only are there machines which are far bigger and better than you have, we also have men who are ready to die,” to make the point absolutely clear, he came out of his room with the diplomat.

They were on the fourth story of a building. Three guards were there.

He ordered the first guard to jump out of the window. The man simply jumped. The British diplomat was aghast. He could not believe his eyes. The man did not even think twice. When Adolf Hitler said, “Jump!” he jumped. There was no question of asking why. He could not believe his eyes.

And then he said to the second, “Jump!” and the second man jumped. By that time the English diplomat became aware what was happening - two lives lost. He looked from the window; their bodies were just in pieces, in fragments, spread all over the road.

Adolf Hitler saw that he was impressed, tremendously impressed. In fact he was in such shock; he could not believe such an inhuman act. To strike while the iron was hot he ordered the third man to jump.

By this time the diplomat was alert. He jumped immediately, took hold of the arm of the third man and said, “Are you mad or what? Why are you jumping? Why are you so eager to die? Don’t you want to live?”

The man looked at him with anger and said, “Do you call this life? Is it life? Is it worth living? Death is far better. Life is so miserable - death is a relief. Let go of my hand and let me jump!”

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