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Chapter 14: The New Man

It cannot be prevented now, because it is not only a question of the New Man’s coming into existence. It is a question of the survival of the whole earth - of consciousness itself, of life itself. It is a question of life and death. The Old Man has come to utter destructiveness. The Old Man has reached the end of its tether. Now there is no life possible with the old concept of man, but only death. The Old Man is preparing for a global suicide. The Old Man is piling up atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, in order to commit a collective suicide. This is a very unconscious desire: rather than allowing the New Man to be, the Old Man would like to destroy the whole thing.

You have to understand, you have to protect the new, because the new carries the whole future with it. And man has come to a stage where a great quantum leap is possible.

The Old Man was otherworldly, the Old Man was against this world. The Old Man was always looking to the heavens. The Old Man was more concerned with life after death than life before death. The New Man’s concern will be life before death. The New Man’s concern will be this life, because if this life is taken care of, the other will follow on its own accord. One need not worry about it, one need not think about it.

The Old Man was too concerned with God. That concern was out of fear. The New Man will not be concerned with God, but will live and love this world, and out of that love will experience the existence of God. The Old Man was speculative, the New Man is going to be existential.

The Old Man can be defined in the Upanishadic statement: neti neti, not this, not this. The Old Man was negative - life-negative, life-denying. The New Man will be life-affirming: iti iti, this and this. The Old Man’s concern was that, the New Man’s concern will be this, because out of this, that is born, and if you become too concerned with that, you miss both.

Tomorrow is in the womb of today: take care of today and you have taken care of tomorrow. There is no need to be in any way worried about tomorrow. And if you become too worried about tomorrow you have missed today! And tomorrow will come as today - it always comes as today. And if you have learned this suicidal habit of missing today, you will miss tomorrow also. You will go on missing.

The Old Man was continuously missing, was miserable, sad. And because he was sad he was against the world, he blamed the world, he blamed samsara. He said, “It is because of the world that I am in misery.” It is not so. The world is immensely beautiful - it is all beauty, bliss and benediction. There is nothing wrong with the world. Something was wrong with the old mind. The old mind was either past-oriented or future-oriented - which are not really different orientations. The old mind was concerned with that which is not.

The New Man will be utterly in tune with that which is, because that is God, that is reality: iti iti, this is it. This moment has to be lived in its totality. This moment has to be lived in its spontaneity, with no a priori ideas. The Old Man was carrying ready-made answers. He was stuffed with philosophy, religion and all kinds of nonsense.

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