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Chapter 7: Three Friends

Explanation means that you must transcend that which you are trying to explain - you must be there before it existed, you must be there when it has ceased to exist. You must move around it so you can define it, and you must dissect it so you can reach the heart of it. A surgeon can find an explanation for a dead body, but not for life. All medical definitions of life are foolish because the surgeon dissects, and when he comes to know that life is no longer there, it is only a corpse. All explanations are postmortems, life is not there.

Now even scientists have become aware of the phenomenon that when you examine blood, if you take blood out of the body, and then examine it, it cannot be the same. Scientists say this now, because when it was moving in the veins of the body it was alive, it had a different quality; now when it is in the test tube, it is dead. It is not the same blood, because the basic quality - life - is no longer in it. All explanations are of that type.

A flower on the tree is different because life, the shape of life, is flowing in it. When you cut it from the tree, take it to the lab, examine it, it is a different flower. Don’t be deceived by the appearance. Now life is no longer flowing in it. You may come to know the chemical composition of the flower, but that is not the explanation.

A poet has a different approach, not through dissection, but through love, not through uprooting the flower from the tree but rather by merging with the flower, remaining in deep love with it, in a participation mystique. He participates, then he comes to know something, and that is not an explanation. Poetry cannot be an explanation, but it has a glimpse of the truth. It is truer than any science.

Watch: when you are in love with someone your heart beats differently. Your lover, your beloved, will listen to your heart - it beats differently. Your lover will take your hand - the warmth is different. The blood moves in a different dance, it pulsates differently.

When the doctor takes your hand in his hand, the pulsation is not the same. He can hear the heart beating but this beat is different. When the heart was beating for a lover it had a song of its own, but only a lover can know the beat, only a lover can know the pulsation, the blood, the warmth of life. The doctor cannot know.

What has changed? The doctor has become the observer and you are the observed - you are not one. The doctor treats you like an object. He looks at you as if he is looking at a thing - that makes the difference. A lover doesn’t look at you as an object - he becomes one with you, he merges and melts. He comes to know the deeper core of your being, but he has no explanation. He feels it, but feeling is different. He cannot think about it.

Anything that can be thought will not be alive. Thought deals with death, it always deals with dead objects. That is why in science there is no place for feeling, because feeling gives a different dimension to existence, the dimension of the alive.

This beautiful story has many things to say to you. Move step by step into it, and if you reach a conclusion, then understand that you have missed. If you reach laughter, then you have understood.

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