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Chapter 2: Just See It

What you read in the newspapers is that some people have been caught. Everybody is doing the same - yes, with little differences, but not many. The quantity may be different but the quality is the same. Murders are being done, rapes are being done, wars continue, all kinds of stupid things go on and on for centuries, and you are reading all these things and wasting your time, seeing a movie, seeing a TV show or listening to the same old scriptures. You have heard them thousands of times, you know the whole story, but still you go on keeping yourself occupied.

If in a seventy-year life you can find even seven minutes which were just yours, unoccupied, undistracted, relaxed, resting in your own being, that will be enough. But even those seven minutes are missing, hence the hurry. Life is short and it is running by, and there is no other life. Death will come and you will die utterly empty, unfulfilled. And this hurry is not going to help, this hurry simply makes things more difficult. It keeps you running, certainly, it keeps you chasing shadows, but while you are chasing shadows you are again wasting your time.

You say: “I feel that we need to hurry.”

If you are here with me forget all about hurrying, forget all about time. Jesus says: There shall be time no longer in my kingdom of God. I say to you: drop time, and this very moment, here and now, you are in the kingdom of God. Why wait for the kingdom of God? I would like to reverse the statement of Jesus. He says: Enter the kingdom of God, because there shall be time no longer. This is not right; it is putting the horse behind the cart. How will you enter the kingdom of God? From where will you enter the kingdom of God? In fact, with the very idea that there will no longer be any time in the kingdom of God, you will be in a deep hurry: “How to reach quickly? How to enter the kingdom of God so that there will be no time, no problem, no anxiety, and one will live in the eternal now?” But that “now” becomes a “then.” Now becomes a goal.

If you see the point, I will say drop time, and in that very dropping the goose is out - because time is mind. Drop time and you are in the kingdom of God. Not only are you in the kingdom of God but you have always been in it, but time was creating a nightmare around you, a mind was there fabricating all kinds of dreams. You were surrounded by a mist of your own creation.

You say: “The cocoon of slumber I am existing in seems to suffocate me, and I am afraid I will never make it.”

I am also afraid! If you try to make it you will never make it. Drop the whole idea of making it, forget all about it. Rejoice in the moment! Can’t you listen to the distant call of the cuckoo, can’t you listen to the crows, can’t you listen to the birds? They are now and here. No hurry, no yesterdays, no tomorrows.

Jesus says to his disciples, “Look at the beautiful lilies in the field. They are far more beautiful, they have far more grandeur than even King Solomon had, attired in all his glory.” What is the secret of those poor lily flowers? The secret, Jesus says, is that they think not of the morrow, they live now. Life is now, so there is no need to make it. It is already there! You are in it!

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