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Chapter 1: Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul

Yes, one thing new has happened - it is a little difference, but a difference that really makes a difference - and that is: a certain percentage of humanity has now become more aware than it has ever been before.

Misery has always been there; but to be aware of the misery, that is a new factor. And that is the beginning of transformation. If you become aware of something, then there is a possibility that something can be done to change it.

People have lived in misery, accepting it as part of life, as their destiny. Nobody has questioned it. Nobody has asked why. And before anybody could ask why, the religious prophets, messiahs and priests were ready with the answer. Christianity is ready with the answer: because Adam and Eve committed the original sin; hence you are suffering. Now, can you see any connection?

According to Christianity the world was created four thousand and four years before Jesus’ birth - which is not at all accurate, which is absolutely stupid. The world is millions of years old. And by world, I mean only our world, this earth; I don’t mean the sun, the solar system, because that is far more ancient. And I don’t mean the world of the stars, because they are not as small as they look. They are bigger than your sun - they are all suns - and they all have their own solar systems. And they are far more ancient than our solar system.

In fact, when you come to calculate existence, years cannot be used as a measurement, they are too small. A million years does not mean anything. When you start thinking about how vast the solar system is, you have to use a new measurement which is not used ordinarily because we never come across such a big thing. And that new measurement was invented by physics: the light year.

You have to understand what a light year means, because our galaxy is millions of light years old. Light travels at a tremendous speed, the greatest speed there is. Anything traveling at that speed will turn into light. The heat of that speed is such that anything at that speed will become light. So there can be no speed greater than the speed of light. We cannot invent any rocket which moves faster than light, because then it will turn into light itself, immediately it reaches the speed of light.

The speed of light is one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second - one hundred and eighty six thousand miles. In one minute, light travels sixty times further; in one hour, again sixty times more; in one day, again twenty-four times more; in one month, again thirty times more; in one year, again twelve times more - that is the meaning of one light year.

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