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Chapter 11: Light, Life and Love

So the outer light is not the only light. You have inner light also, because you cannot exist without it. It is the base. To be means to be grounded in light; there is no other being. So when you go in you are bound to come to and to realize a dimension, a realm, of light - inner light. This inner light and your life make just two layers. Your life is the outermost layer; light is a deeper layer.

Your life will end in death. Unless you realize the inner light you cannot know the deathless, because your life is just a phenomenon; it is not the base. It is just a phenomenon, a wave - a wave on the ocean of light. It will go! If you can penetrate through it to the deeper realm of light you will know that which is immortal, which cannot die - because only light cannot die, only light is immortal. Everything will have to die because everything lives on derived life, borrowed life. Only light has its own life. Everything else has life borrowed from somewhere else. So one has to return it, one has to give it back.

So unless you realize the inner light you will not know that which is beyond death; in a sense it is beyond death and beyond life also - only then does it become immortal. That which is born will have to die; that which is alive will be dead. So only that can be beyond death which is beyond life itself. Light is beyond life and beyond death. Whenever mystics have been talking about light they always talk about deathlessness, because the moment you enter the inner light, the source of life, you enter deathlessness.

In this sutra, both terms have been used. This sutra says:

To be centered constantly in the inner illumination

- in the inner light -

and in the infinite inner nectar
is the preparatory bath for the worship.

So unless you are bathed in your own inner light and in the nectar, in the immortality which belongs to that light, you are not ready to enter the divine temple. This is a preparatory bath. Water will not do, light has to be used. Pure light has to be used. Unless you are bathed in pure light you are not ready to enter the divine temple.

When Krishna showed his infiniteness to Arjuna, Arjuna said, “I don’t see you, Krishna, I see only light. Where have you gone? I see only thousands and thousands of suns and I am scared. Come back.” When one enters into the inner light.it is there, because without it you cannot be, nothing can be. It is a scientific fact, because without light nothing can be. If there is anything, then light is bound to be in its ground. You may know it, you may not know it, but light is the ground of all. You are, so you have a deep realm of light. The moment you enter it, you are bathed, and this bath means many things.

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