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Chapter 2: Insight

Then at all times - in your encounters with people and responses to circumstances - you must not let wrong thoughts continue.

Again, a loophole. The question is not of wrong thoughts and right thoughts; all thoughts are wrong as far as going beyond the mind is concerned. He is not even aware of the fact that the right and wrong are never separate; they are always together.

Can you separate love from hate? Millions have tried but not a single person has been able to succeed, because you are going against the very nature of things.

Can you separate darkness from light? Although they look so different, scientific inquiry into light and into darkness has proved something against common sense. The difference between darkness and light is only of degrees. Darkness simply means less light, and light simply means less darkness.

That’s why there are animals, like owls and others, for whom in the night it is as day. They have better eyes than you have, so even in lesser light - which looks to you like darkness - for them it is full light. Their eyes are more capable than your eyes. In the day they cannot open their eyes, because their eyes are so sensitive that the daylight is dazzling. In the daylight their eyes simply close; naturally they see darkness. When for you it is light, for the owls it is night. And when for you it is night, for the owls it is day, full light.

So the difference between light and darkness is only of degrees. You cannot have light without darkness, and you cannot have God without the devil.

It is strange that the religions who believe in God automatically believe in the devil too. They have to, it is just a logical necessity. And the religions who don’t believe in God don’t believe in the devil either. For example, Jainism has no God, therefore there is no devil. It is simply out of the question. But all the religions that believe in God have to accept his polar opposite, the devil.

Why this necessity? Because existence always needs a polarity. Birth is polarized by death, love is polarized by hate, compassion is polarized by cruelty. Look around life. Everything has its polar opposite, and if you can take away the polar opposite then the other will also disappear. They can exist only together.

What is a good thought and what is a bad thought? And how can you separate them? Only a teacher does not know that the final approach towards your being needs all thoughts to disappear - it does not matter whether they are good or bad. We are not talking here of morality; we are talking here of authentic religion.

Of course in morality there are good thoughts and bad thoughts, and they are all arbitrary. Because for Mohammedans, to have four wives is not a bad thought, but to everybody else in the world the very idea of having four wives is a bad thought.

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