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Chapter 9: Skies beyond Skies

And your being is certainly a bird. The ancient seers have called it ‘the golden bird’ - consciousness as the body, truth and bliss as the wings, and the whole sky full of stars is yours. Not only this sky; the mystics have been aware of skies beyond skies.

Now even the scientist agrees that this sky cannot be the only sky. The expansion of scientific consciousness has also brought a vast universe. There was a day in the middle ages when it was thought the earth is the center and the sun and all the stars are moving around it.

It was a very small and cozy world, and nobody bothered about what was beyond it. As scientific exploration goes deeper and deeper, they become more and more mystical in their statements. Now they know existence has no limits.

And what we think of as stars are not stars. Each star is a bigger sun than our sun. Our sun is a very mediocre sun, although it is very big in comparison to the earth. It is sixty times bigger than the earth. It looks vast next to the earth, but in comparison to the faraway stars which look so small that we call them “twinkle-twinkle-little-stars”.They are not twinkle-twinkle-little-stars. They are far greater suns than our sun.

Our sun has its own solar system, made up of Earth, of the moon and of all the other planets. Each sun has its own solar system, and up to now they have counted at least three million suns.

Amongst these millions of stars, the most mystical experience that has been encountered by the scientists is that they all are running away from the center - as far as possible, with a tremendous speed. It means the sky is available for them, they can go on.They have been going on for billions of years and their speed is the same as the speed of light.

The speed of light is the ultimate speed, physicists have concluded. There is no higher speed according to them. It is tremendous. You will have to work it out. In one second light travels one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles. You have to multiply it by sixty - that will be the distance light travels in one minute. Then you have to multiply it by sixty again - so you will have one hour of the light’s travel. Then twenty-four - that is one day’s travel of light. Then three-hundred and sixty five - that is one light year. And that is the lowest unit of measurement as far as light and its speed is concerned.

One light year is just like one meter, one yard, one foot. There are stars thousands of light years away. The nearest star is four light years away. Even to reach this star seems to be impossible. Four light years - we don’t have any vehicle, any rocket, that can go at the speed of light. And the trouble is intrinsic. The trouble is that at the speed of light, everything melts. Because it is so fast and the friction is so great, everything burns out and melts into light.

We don’t have any metal, artificial or natural, that can remain intact at the speed of light. And without the speed of light, there is no possibility of reaching to those stars which are millions of light years away.

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