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Chapter 15: Of the Spirit of Gravity Part 1

And then the morning.they disperse. While they are dispersing and thanking the man for his hospitality, he says, “There is no question - you have obliged me. You have made me feel as if I have a palace. In fact, forgive me; I could not give you more space because so many guests arrived simultaneously. But remember always, the space is a question of your spirit. It is not a question of physical roominess; it is a question of spiritual spaciousness.”

This mystic is not under the law of the gravitation that pulls people downwards. His approach to the problem gives an indication that he has wings. The Spirit of Gravity cannot disturb him.

Whenever you feel to do something which is harmful to anybody, whenever you do something which is only a hypocrisy, whenever you do something which is nothing but acting, inauthentic, insincere, whenever you are not being truthful, you are falling downwards, you are losing your heights. Whenever you feel jealous, full of hatred, full of violence, anger, rage, you can even feel it - that you have become heavy. Jealousy makes you heavy, anger makes you heavy, egoistic pretentions make you heavy.

You can almost feel it and discriminate between things - what makes you heavy and what makes you light. Love makes you light, kindness makes you light, compassion makes you light, silence makes you light, joy makes you light. Anything that makes you light and weightless helps you to get free of the imprisonment.

But man is so blind that sometimes he behaves in almost unbelievable ways. I have heard that two men were going to work in faraway Alaska. The last village, and then they may not encounter any other human beings. They purchased everything that they would need for three, four months while they were working in Alaska. They were no ordinary people; both were scientific explorers, and this was an expedition for scientific research.

In the small grocery store where they purchased their things, the man who was tending the shop suggested to them, “You may think that it is none of my business to suggest this to you, but I know Alaska; I know you will not find any human beings. This is the last place. Now you are entering into a deep loneliness. You may miss your wives, but you will not be able to find a woman. And just for people who go into deep loneliness for some work, I have a certain plastic woman, inflatable. It is a piece of art. You just fill it with air; the pump is attached. And you will be surprised - you have never seen such a beautiful woman with such a great, proportionate body.”

One of the two men said, “It is all nonsense. Don’t get convinced by this man - it is simply stupid.” But the other man became interested. He said, “I will purchase it.” And he said to his friend, “Remember, it is my woman, and I don’t like anybody fooling around with my woman.”

The other man said, “I have never thought that you are so stupid. It is just a plastic bag.”

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