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Chapter 15: This Is Not a Place of Entertainment

The people who are annoyed with me are the people who don’t know me. Such insincerity has entered into the very being of people that they don’t give a simple consideration to the fact that, before you are annoyed with someone, you can at least give him an opportunity to explain himself to you. Then you are free to be annoyed; nobody is preventing you. But they are afraid of listening, they are afraid of coming close, they are afraid of entering the gate of this temple.

The reason is that they know very well, deep in their hearts, that if they listen to me, if they come inside the temple, they will have to drop their annoyance. They will have to drop their antagonism, they will have to drop their ego. They know they will have to accept their ignorance - that’s what is hurting them.

Without coming close to me, they can remain annoyed, irritated, angry - that is simple. But, coming close to me, it is almost impossible to remain annoyed; you may not agree with me, but you cannot be annoyed, you cannot be an enemy. Disagreement is not enmity.

The fear, deep in their soul, is that they may find what I am saying agreeable - it is better not to listen to me, not to come close, not to open their hearts. The fear is very real; and this is not only with your husband, it is with millions of people. If you ask them what they know about me, if you ask them what is my approach to life, what is my philosophy, what is my attitude towards religion, they will not be able to answer a single question. They know nothing; but to protect their knowledgeability, which is impotent, it is better not to hear me because hearing me, there is a danger: they may have to change their ideas about me.

This country has become so dead and so afraid of change that for centuries it goes on and on following superstitions. Nobody raises a question, nobody asks for any evidence. There has not been any rebelliousness shown in the whole history of this land, just a kind of ready willingness to be slaves - spiritually, psychologically, socially, politically. For two thousand years this country has been under slavery, under different small tribes, which is absolutely a wonder, because the country is so big and the tribes that have ruled over it were so small. This country could have destroyed them without any difficulty, but it simply accepts everything so that it has not to change. Change seems to be the greatest fear in their minds.

Your question is, “My husband is very much annoyed.” Ask him about what? - because I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me. There are some fundamental rules before you can make somebody your enemy. First, you have to be a friend; without friendship you cannot create enmity. He is absolutely ignorant about me; just provoke him, ask him what he is annoyed about?

And what is the fear in listening to me? If you are right, then by listening to me you will become more convinced of your rightness. But for thousands of years this has been the teaching in this country: don’t listen to anybody who is saying something strange, different from you, because he may convince you and then come the problems of change. It seems to be comfortable to remain as you are; change seems to be arduous.

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