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Chapter 5: On the Qualities of the Taoist

That’s why Krishnamurti goes on saying that there is no need to do anything. In fact, for the first-rate mind there is no need to do anything; just by hearing, by right listening, one attains. But from where to find the first-rate mind, it is very rare. Unless a Krishnamurti comes to listen to Krishnamurti it won’t happen. But why should a Krishnamurti go to listen to a Krishnamurti? It is absurd. It has no meaning. A man who has that kind of perceptivity can become awakened just by listening to the song of a bird, just by listening to the breeze passing through the trees, just by listening to the sound of the water flowing ( that’s enough, because from everywhere the divine speaks. Whatsoever you hear, you have heard the divine if you are perceptive.

Nothing else exists. All sounds are his, all messages are his, everywhere is his signature. For the first-rate mind the path is not a path at all, he simply enters the temple without any path, there is no need for any bridge.

Lao Tzu says that when the highest type of man hears the Tao there is immediate perception, immediate understanding. Just by looking at the master who has attained, just by hearing his word, or just by hearing his breathing, silent, peaceful, sitting by his side, he understands.

Once they understand, then they are not trying to attain truth; then they are simply trying to refine their mechanism. They have understood the truth, that it exists, they have heard about it. Hindus call their scriptures shrutis. The word shruti means “that which has been heard.” All the scriptures are “that which has been heard.” Once a man of the first-rate intelligence hears truth, he understands it.

Once it happened.

A Sufi master suddenly called one of his disciples. Many disciples were sitting in the hall. He called only one: “Come near to me.” He was standing near the window, and it was full-moon night. All the disciples watched in wonder. Why has he called one? Then the old man indicated something outside the window to the young man and said, “Look!” And from that day the young man changed completely.

The others asked, “What happened? There was nothing, we know, only the full-moon night. The full moon was there, of course, the night was beautiful, of course; but what has happened seems to be just out of proportion. You are completely transformed. What has happened?”

The young man said, “I heard the master and I was so silent because he called me, I was so without thoughts, so peaceful, that when he indicated the moon something opened inside me, a window. I had a perception which I had never had. I looked at the moon with new eyes, I looked at the moonlight with a new being. Of course, I have seen the view from the very faraway state of my mind and I will have to work hard to reach it, but now I know it exists. Now I know it is a certainty. Now there is no doubt. I will have to go and reach to that state because I have looked through the eyes of the master, those eyes were not mine; he gave his to me for a single moment, I borrowed them.

“I have looked through his being. It was not my being, that window was not mine, it was his window, and he allowed me to look through it. But now I know that a different type of existence is possible, is not only possible, is absolutely certain. Now it may take many lives for me to reach that goal, but the goal is certain. No doubt exists in me now, now doubt cannot disturb me, now my journey is clear.”

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