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Chapter 24: The World Is What You Are

Mulla said, “You all know. You are all married. I am also married, so there is nothing to be kept secret. I forgot all about my wife. Talking about great things I forgot about my wife. In fact, in the morning she had sent me to purchase vegetables and it is night now and I have wasted the whole day talking about spirituality and great things. And finally I ended up with you, and now I am coming with a crowd for dinner and there is nothing in the house. You can understand my situation. She will kill me.”

They said, “This is strange. You should have remembered. How should we know it? But now we are not going back.”

Mulla said, “I am not telling you to go back. You just remain standing at the door. Let me go in and persuade my wife; it will take a few minutes. I am sorry, but you will have to wait, because if I enter with this whole crowd, she will go mad.”

They understood; they had the same problems. They said, “Okay, we will wait for a few minutes. You go and persuade your wife.”

Mulla went in and told her, “A gang of stupid people is following me. Now only you can save me.”

The wife said, “What is the matter?”

He said, “Nothing is the matter. You simply go there and ask them, ‘Why are you standing here?’ And they will certainly say, ‘We are waiting here for Mulla Nasruddin.’ And you can say, ‘He has not been seen since the morning. He had gone to purchase vegetables and I have been waiting the whole day.’”

The woman said, “Strange.why so many people should come and.”

Mulla said, “But you have to save me. It is a question of prestige.”

The wife went out, opened the door, and said to the people, “What are you doing here?”

They said, “We are not doing anything. We are simply staying here because Mulla told us to stay here.”

The wife said, “He has not been seen since the morning.”

They said, “This is something. He came with us, we all are eyewitnesses - in front of us he entered into the room.”

The wife said, “You must be mistaken, he is not in the house.”

They said, “Then we would like to look in the house because he has invited us for dinner.”

The wife said, “Dinner?”

At that point - Mulla was listening to the whole conversation from the second story; he had opened the window a little bit and was watching what was happening. When they said that they were going to search the house he thought, “This is going to be difficult.”

He shouted from the window, “You are simply idiots. He may have come with you but you don’t understand logic, he may have gone from the back door. Are you not ashamed arguing with a poor woman? Feel ashamed and go back home!”

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