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Chapter 33: The New Dawn Is Very Close

To me there is no other way of being religious. All that is known as religion has been only destroying people’s lives. It has been poisoning their naturalness, it has been creating immense tension and allowing no relaxation. And except man, the whole of existence is utterly relaxed. The moment you are tense you are no longer part of existence, you are left alone. That creates great anxiety.

If you are relaxed, the stars are with you, and the trees and the rivers and the mountains and the birds, everything is with you. The whole of existence suddenly turns into a home. You are not a foreigner in existence, you are not an outsider. You are not a stranger, you belong to it, you are rooted in it. Your life and its life are not two separate things; they are one phenomenon. The whole idea of separation is false.

I know in these twelve years that you have been with me you have not looked back towards Japan. Japan has a main current.it is a very fossilized society; it consists of dead people. But a small part is very alive. It is not the main current, it flows side by side with the main current - but that is the true Japan, its very soul. That small part consists of those people who are committed totally to only one single thing, and that is meditation.

They have focused all their energies only on one point: how to get beyond mind. Those few people are the very soul.they are the living people, the most living people. In their monasteries they are living a life as natural as possible, as full of reverence towards existence as human nature allows. Those are the most beautiful flowers you can find anywhere in the world.

Coming here, you have really found the living Japan. That’s why there has not been a need to look back.

When I was arrested in America, the first protest came from a Zen monastery, from Japan. Then thousands of protests came from all over the world. But the first to reach was from Japan, from a Zen master, addressed to the president of America and to the jail where I was being kept.

The jailer could not believe it. He rushed to me and showed me the telegram: “Do you know this man?”

I said, “I don’t know him.” But a Zen master from Japan had written to the president of America, saying, “We are teaching Zen in our monastery and in our university from the books of Osho. Arresting a man who is absolutely innocent - and you don’t have any proof, any evidence against him - and keeping him in jail without giving him bail, is so ugly that it condemns your whole propaganda of being a democratic country. We vehemently protest, and want you to understand that anybody in the world who is interested in the inner growth of man will feel the same; it is not only our feeling.”

Just a few days ago I received a message that one of my books, The Supreme Understanding, is the biggest selling book of one publisher in Japan. Sixty thousand copies.and it is still in demand; more editions are needed. It has gone through twelve editions already.

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