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Chapter 33: This Nonsense of Nations

We accept all kinds of camels - even those who have lost their humps. But they will have to come. And if they can travel to Santa Fe, what is the problem? They know the way, they just have to turn their face.

And we will be really rejoiced. And this time their coming will be of immense value to them too, because now the desire to leave the commune will be finished. Now they have understood: wherever they are, they will be outcasts.

And here? This is the caste of outcasts!

Anybody rejected anywhere is welcome here.because my understanding is that only people of intelligence, individuality, are rejected.

The people who are obedient, who have no individuality, no freedom of expression, never say no to anything, are always ready to say yes, even against their wills - these are the people who gain much respectability in the world. They become presidents, they become prime ministers, they are honored in every possible way, for the simple reason that they committed suicide. They are no longer living, they are simply fossilized.

Here, people are alive. How can you fit living people into a certain pattern? Every individual is unique.

And why should he fit into another’s mold?

The whole misery of the world can be explained very simply: everybody has been cut, molded, arranged by others without their even bothering to find out what he was supposed to be by nature. They don’t give a chance to existence.

From the very moment the child is born, they start spoiling him - with all good intentions, of course. No parent does it consciously, but he was conditioned in the same way. He repeats the same with his children; he knows nothing else.

The disobedient child is continuously condemned. The obedient child is, on the other hand, continuously praised. But have you heard of any obedient child having become world-famous in any dimension of creativity? Have you heard of any obedient child who has attained the Nobel prize for anything - literature, peace, science? The obedient child becomes just the common crowd. All that is added to existence is added by the disobedient.

Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the most significant persons of this century, refused to accept the Nobel prize. And when he was asked why, he said, “To accept the Nobel prize is in some way to compromise, is in some way to receive respectability from a society with which I am not in agreement. Perhaps the Nobel prize will weaken me.

“They are so respectful to me - how can I go on fighting against everything they believe in: against their God, against their morality, against their politics?” He said, “Accepting the Nobel prize will be selling myself - that I cannot do.” And he was perfectly right.

So remember never to compromise, whatsoever the cost.

Even at the cost of losing your life, don’t compromise.

A compromised man is a castrated man.

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