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Chapter 12: A Mystery to Be Lived

You say: “Everything is cuckoo.”

In the beginning it will look like that, because mind is our logic and the fire is going to destroy our logic - because life is more than logic. In fact, life is illogical; it has to be because it contains contradictions. Logic is a choice; you go on choosing that which is consistent with your idea. Life is far more than that.

If you believe that life consists only of days, then you will ignore the nights. You will not take any note of the nights because they will create confusion. Then what will happen to your idea, your prejudice, that life consists of only of days? You have to cling to your idea; the nights seem so be confusing. You have to deny, you have to keep closed to the nights. You have to say they are illusory, they are dream-stuff, they are unreal; the real is the day. This is how mind tries to be consistent and logical. If it accepts the night, then the logic starts disappearing. then the contradiction has happened, then the consistency is lost.

If you accept only the flowers or only the thorns you will avoid the opposite, and life consists of polar opposites. Life cannot be consistent, remember it; only death is consistent. Hence logic is more in tune with death than in tune with life. Life is vast, it is so vast it can easily take in the contradictory; in fact, it rejoices in contradictions. On the same rose- bush it grows flowers and thorns. How can it be logical? Logic will say, “Either grow thorns or grow flowers.”

Logic means either/or, and life means both/and. Hence the moment the mind starts slipping, dying, one feels as if one is going mad.

In the East we have continuously observed the phenomenon; we call it a kind of spiritual madness. In Bengal the mystics have been called Bauls; Baul means the mad one. In the Sufi tradition the mystic is called a mast; Mast means a mad one. And Jesus, Bahauddin, Francis, Eckhart, Kabir, Chuang Tzu, these are all mad people - for the simple reason because they have not chosen; they have accepted life as it is in its totality.

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