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Chapter 16: A Trusting Heart

This has been a very difficult thing to understand, and intelligent people since then have been wondering: did a genius like Galileo become afraid of losing his life? But I think that Galileo was not afraid of losing his life, he could have given his life - but why should one be ready to sacrifice his life for such a trivial reason? What difference does it make whether the Earth goes around the sun or the sun goes around the Earth? Why should Galileo have sacrificed his life over such a stupid thing? This discovery of Galileo’s was not from his heart, it was from his head. He must have realized, “Why should I lose my life over whether the Earth goes around the sun or not?” I know that Galileo was a wise man. If he had been a stupid man he would have been ready to die - because only a stupid person will die for logic. Logic has not much value. Why should one sacrifice his life just for a mathematical conclusion? Life is much more valuable than this.

But a man can give up his life even for a little love. Love possesses the total being and logic catches hold of only a small part of the intellect. Nobody has sacrificed life for the sake of an argument. And if you cannot sacrifice life for something, it means that the thing is not more valuable than life. From many experiences in life, love is the only experience for which a person can sacrifice his life. Love is more valuable than life, but love is illogical.

People have given their lives for God. Many people have become martyrs for God, they have quietly given their lives. They didn’t hesitate for a moment to give their lives because, for them, God is love.

This is why Tertullian says, “There is no logical reason to believe that there is a God, impossible to believe, but still I believe God is.” This has something to do with the heart. This is a kind of love-affair. This conviction is arising from some depth which is far beyond the intellect.

Now we will enter the sutra.

“The ultimate reality cannot be known through speech, through mind or through the eyes.”

The ultimate reality cannot be known through speech.you can try your best to explain it but it cannot be understood through words. You may explain it very skillfully, very explicitly; you may appeal to the mind in such a way that it cannot be argued against and people will have to agree with you because they have no argument - still, their hearts will remain unconvinced. Someone may defeat your intellect but he cannot touch your heart. A great logician may destroy all your beliefs, you may be defeated, but even then your heart may not agree. The heart will go on saying, “I don’t agree.” The heart cannot be convinced by logic. Logic can be defeated or it can be victorious, but the heart cannot be convinced in this way. The trust of the heart cannot be created through logic.

Robert G. Ingersoll has written somewhere in his letters that you can convince a person by logic only when he is already ready to agree. Logic is useless. A person can be convinced only when he was ready to be convinced. You cannot appeal to anyone through logic who is not ready to agree. Logic is shallow, it does not enter the depth of life.

What can speaking do? At the most it can argue, it can entertain, it can be appealing, it can be poetic, it can give you pleasure - but the jump to the realization of the ultimate reality cannot be caused by speaking. There have been many great speakers, and it is not because they did not know the truth; they did, but even then they could not convince anyone to take the jump.

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