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Chapter 5: Man Is Life’s Invention

There are people who live by the word and lose the spirit: we call them pundits, scholars, knowledgeable people. They live according to the literal meaning, they never think in terms of metaphors and poetry. And life is more metaphorical than anything else. It is poetry, it is pure poetry. It is music, it is sheer music.

A poor Englishman worked his whole life to educate his only daughter born from a birth that left him a widower. With a very meager salary he saved hard to give the girl a decent education and had her entered in one of the best schools in the country.

At the end of the year he went to pick up his daughter at the railway station.

“Tell me all your news, darling,” he asked his daughter.

“Dad,” said the girl, “you always trusted me so I want to tell you that during this last semester I lost my virginitude.”

“Nooo!” says the father desperately. “I can’t believe it. After all the sacrifices that I made to put you in the best school in the country, you can’t even tell me this news in proper English?”

“Am I mentioned in the will?” the nephew asked anxiously.

“You certainly are,” replied the lawyer. “Right here in the third paragraph your uncle says: To my niece Sarah I bequeath a hundred thousand dollars, to my cousin Janice fifty thousand dollars and to my nephew Charles, who was always curious to know if he was mentioned in my will, I say ‘Hi, Charles.’”

One day a creditor knocks on the door of an impoverished English Lord. The butler opens the door and tells him that milord only receives at seven p.m. sharp.

That evening at the time appointed the creditor knocks again on the door, but he is told that the time for visits is over.

“What do you mean?” exclaims the creditor in anger. “It is seven o’clock!”

“Milord receives at seven sharp, sir,” answers the butler, “not one minute before nor a minute after!”

Logic can make you very stupid. Of course its stupidity is a very decorated stupidity, polished, cultured, so it is very difficult to see the foolishness of it. But life is far more because logic can contain only one polarity. For example, logic can think of darkness or light but not of both together; logic can think of life or death but never of both together. That becomes inconceivable. But that’s how it is: life is death too. Light is darkness too.

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