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Chapter 9: Duke Hwan and the Wheelright

Jesus was a simple man, but look at the Catholics, the Protestants, the hundreds of sects of Christianity and their interpretations. Jesus was a simple man, the son of a carpenter; he never used the jargon of theology. He was not a man of words, he was a man of experience. He talked simply in small stories, anecdotes, and parables. And he was talking to illiterate people, his meaning was simple. But look.the Protestants, the Catholics, their theologians, they have made so much out of him - a mountain! On simple things they go on discussing and arguing, and they get so lost in it that Jesus is completely forgotten.

When a living Freud is forgotten how can you remember a dead Jesus? Ask Hindus; they have one thousand interpretations of the Gita already, and every year interpretations go on being added, new interpretations, and nobody agrees with anybody else. Shankara says that the message is of renunciation, that the Gita’s message is of renunciation, inaction. Lokmanya Tilak says that the message is of action - just the opposite. And Ramanuja says that the message is of devotion, not action, not renunciation. And so you go on: one thousand interpretations, nobody agreeing with anybody else. And when you read the Gita that will be one thousand and one interpretations, because that will be yours. You will bring your mind into it and mind feels strengthened by knowledge, information.

Mind is never in any danger except in the presence of a living master. Then it is just on the verge of death. You escape Krishnas, and you carry Gitas in your head. You escape Jesus and you always keep the Bible in your pocket. The Bible can be kept in your pocket, not Jesus. The Bible will belong to you, but with Jesus you will have to belong to Jesus. That is the difference: you can own a Bible, you cannot own Jesus. You will have to be owned by him.

And thirdly, science can be written, there is no problem, because it is not a skill, it is theorizing, it is theoria. It can be written, it is description, it is not a mystery. The whole basis of science is to demystify everything. It has principles, laws, they can be written; and if you decipher the law, everything is known.

Religion is not like science, it is more like art - it is symbolic. The first thing is that it is not realistic, it is symbolic.

Once it happened that a friend came to see Picasso. The friend was in the military, in the army. He looked into Picasso’s studio, and he said, “What nonsense! Everything is unreal, not even a single painting represents reality.”

You cannot find anything like Picasso’s painting in reality; it is not there, it is only Picasso’s feeling of reality.

Science tries to discover the objective, art goes on trying to find the subjective in the objective. You look at a flower; if you ask a scientist about it he will talk of the chemical compounds of the flower. Of course they are there, but they are not the flower, because they don’t carry the beauty, they don’t carry the meaning. For the beauty you have to ask the artist, but then he will not talk about chemical compounds or anything else. He will give you a poem, and it will be nearer the truth than anything a scientist can give, but it will not be objective.

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