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Chapter 5: The Essence of Devotion

You live in your inner world three times more than you live in the outer world. Before a word comes out of you, it has already moved a thousand times inside you. Before an action is carried out on the outside, it has already been carried out thousands of times inside of you. If a man commits a murder.. So far there has not been a single murderer in the world who could say that he had not first committed that murder many times within himself. Hence, if you kept an account of the murders that you commit within yourself, then it would be hard to find a single person who is not a murderer. Inside, you all go on committing murders - it is a different matter that they don’t happen in your actions the way they do with some people.

Psychologists say that this is true not only about murder: it is even difficult to find a person who has never committed suicide inside himself, who has not finished himself off many times, who has not said inside, “Let me get rid of myself once and for all.” Even though it has not become an actual action yet, it could at any time because thought is a seed: if it goes on becoming stronger and stronger, it can become an action at any moment.

We have created a world within our minds, and that is where the crowd is. Desires are created first in the mind, where they grow roots and sprout; it is only later on that their leaves and branches arrive in the outside world. Out of thousands of desires created in the mind, one reaches to the outside world. Of the many plans that germinate inside the mind, perhaps not even one out of a hundred is actualized.

If we understand the mathematics of living rightly, a man who lives for one hundred years will live for eighty years on the inside and twenty years on the outside. This process of living in the mind is your crowd. Hence, no matter where you escape to, you yourself will always be there. You may renounce everything and go and live in the forest, but how will you be able to leave yourself behind? - you will accompany yourself there too. It is unavoidable. You will not be able to leave yourself behind. When you are in the forest, then inevitably all the fantasies of your mind, all the desires and plans of your mind, all the relationships of your mind, will go there with you. They are all your crowd. And to dissolve this crowd is real solitude, the “lonely place.”

Certainly a lonely place is also a location, but more, it is a state. It is good to sit in a lonely place, but don’t think that this alone will create silence. A lonely place can be helpful, but it is not enough: a state of aloneness is also needed. Once this state has been achieved, then the place does not matter; then one can be in a lonely place anywhere - anywhere! Once the mind becomes unipsychic, once the grip of the world of mind becomes less and you come out of its net, you attain to the lonely place, the solitary place - and also, to the solitary state. The state is an inner phenomenon and the place is an outer one. The place is secondary, the state is the real thing. Let the meaning of this first word be completely clear to you.

Then the second word which is used in the sutra, and rightly so, is sukhasana:

.a comfortable body posture.

You are in a lonely place and you are seated in a comfortable body posture, so this has two parts to it.

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