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Chapter 23: The Great Love Affair with the Universe

And the problem for the authentic master is to give you not guidance, but only a longing, such a tremendous longing that it can make its own path. The master cannot give you the path, he can only create in you such a tremendous thirst that the thirst will create the path for you.

It is going to be different for everyone. Existence loves variety. And it is good that variety is acceptable to existence, otherwise life would have been utterly boring. Not only the ordinary life, but the extraordinary life of a seeker would also be boring. You would be like railway trains moving on fixed rails from one station to another, shunting from here and there.

No, you are not railway trains. You are far more like wild mountain rivers which go on changing their paths, which go on moving towards the ocean on their own intuitive indications. There is no guidebook, there is no map, there was never anything like that. But every river has reached to the ocean. From all directions, from wherever it arises - it does not matter. In the deepest being of the river, one thing is certain: it is a river. It belongs to the ocean. However long may be the journey, and however tedious may be the path, nobody can prevent it from reaching the ocean. It does not need any support, it simply starts moving on its own. It makes its way.

The same is true about enlightenment, the experience that brings you to your absolute flowering. You have to trust in yourself. The master can create the trust. The master can create the great love affair with the universe. The master can create a sweet pain of longing in your heart.

But the so-called ordinary teachers belonging to different religions don’t create these things. They take them for granted, as if everybody is longing for God. The churches are full, the temples are full, the synagogues are full. There is a deception all around the earth that everybody is religious.

But these same people who go to the churches, to the synagogues, to the temples, to the mosques, are the people who commit all kinds of crimes against humanity, against themselves. These are the same people who create wars and massacres and rapes. It is a very strange world. And every Sunday they are in the church. So on the one hand you can see everybody is religious and on the other hand, if you have a little deeper insight, you can see nobody is religious.

Who has created this kind of situation? The priests, the missionaries, the teachers who are more interested to put you on a certain path, with a certain dogma and a certain discipline. You are not important to them. What is important to them is Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. But you should remember, thousands of years have passed and we have not been able to produce another Gautam Buddha, or another Jesus, or another Lao Tzu.

And it is not that millions of people have not tried the same path, but the path that leads Gautam Buddha to his highest consciousness does not lead anybody else anywhere except to a certain phoniness, hypocrisy. I don’t want any of you to be hypocrites. That is the ugliest thing that can happen to anyone.

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