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Chapter 1: Who Says Humanity Needs Saving?

I said, “My advice was to prohibit people. Nobody can say that my advice is wrong - I have seen it written in many places. And yes, it is true I have seen people pissing there; that’s how I got the idea. And I have inquired why people have started pissing.

“They say, ‘When we read the board suddenly the urge.we remember that the bladder is full; otherwise we were engaged in other kinds of things and other thoughts were there. Who thinks of the bladder? When it becomes absolutely necessary, then only one thinks of it.

“‘But when we look at these boards suddenly the bladder becomes the most important thing, and one feels the place is good, that’s why the board has been put there - people must be pissing here. And we see that there are many marks, many people have pissed already, so we feel it is perfectly right.’“

It is a simple thing: If you prohibit anything, you provoke, you give a challenge.

In India it is not any legal problem to urinate anywhere, wherever you can manage: there is freedom of urination. When I was nearabout ten or eleven years old my father became very sick so we had to take him to a very good hospital, far away in Indore.

The hospital in Indore was famous all over the country. We had to live there for six months. Just at the entrance of the hospital was a board: “No Urination Permitted. Anybody Disobeying Will Be Prosecuted.” And there used to stand a policeman. To me that was even more provocative. The board was enough but a policeman with a gun standing there!

The very first day my father entered hospital and we were given quarters in the hospital to live in, I could not resist; it was impossible. The board alone was enough but to put a policeman there with a gun - this was too much. I went directly.

The policeman was standing there; he looked at me. He could not believe it because it had never happened: I pissed!

He said, “What are you doing? Can’t you read?”

I said, “I can read - better than you.”

And he said, “Can’t you see me with this gun?”

I said, “I can see that too. It is because of your gun and this board - otherwise I had no need. My house is just a two-minute walk from here, and I have just come from the bathroom. It is really difficult to piss because my bladder is empty. But I cannot avoid the temptation.”

He said, “You will have to come with me to the chief administrator of the hospital” - it was a big hospital.

So I said, “Okay, I will come.” I went there. The administrator was very angry.

He said, “You have just entered - the first day, and you do such a thing?”

I said, “But what can I do? This policeman was pissing there!”

He said, “What!”

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