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Chapter 26: Innocence: The Natural Outlaw

Between these two words is the whole world of corruption.

When I say you are a being, I mean you need not become anything.

You have simply to blossom, unfold.

Whatever is within you, let it become manifested.

In the child it is a potentiality; if he grows naturally it will become a reality. But no child is allowed to grow naturally. Every child is being forced to become something which he can never become, which is beyond him. It is not his fault. He tries hard; and the harder he tries, the greater is the failure.

You see all around the world people with long faces, sad. What is their misery? What has gone wrong with the whole world?

There is an ancient parable. A man was continually praying to God: “I must be the most miserable, the most condemned person in the whole world. Couldn’t you give me somebody else’s misery? I don’t ask you much. I am not asking you to make me blissful, blessed; I am not worthy of that. But my whole life’s prayer, worship.at least you can do one thing: change my misery with somebody else’s, with anybody’s because I know there is nobody who is in a worse situation than I.”

And that’s how almost everybody feels, because yourself you know from within. Your suffering, your pain, your hurts, your wounds you know from within. You know how many tears you are carrying within your eyes. You know that the face that you show to the world is not your original face. You know that the smile on your lips is as painted as lipstick. Perhaps lipstick is more real - at least it has some material substance in it. Your smile is not even that real. It is just an exercise of your lips, there is nothing behind it.

But you have been told to look happy, to look smart, to look intelligent; to look like somebody special, not just any ABC. You have been made a hypocrite, and you have understood perfectly well that it pays to be a hypocrite. And it is meaningless and pointless to open your wounds before others because nobody is going to help you.

On the contrary, you will become a laughingstock, you will look like an idiot. It is better to keep all that is ugly hidden deep in the basement of your unconsciousness, and show on the surface, at least, that which you are supposed to be but cannot be; so you have to be an actor.

All the societies are turning their people into actors. They have changed the world into a vast stage of a meaningless drama. Most of these people go on simply rehearsing. They don’t even get a chance in this bogus drama to become a president, a prime minister, but they go on carrying on the rehearsal.

This man asked God, “You have to do something; now I cannot bear anymore.” That night he had a dream. He heard a divine voice, saying, “Everybody should collect all his sufferings, miseries, pains, wounds and whatever he wants to get rid of Put them in a bag and come to the temple.”

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