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Chapter 1: The Foundation of Meditation

So I say to you that to be open is very important in this search. To be optimistic means you feel that if there has been a single person on this earth who has understood truth, if there has been a single person in the history of mankind who has experienced divine bliss and peace, then there is no reason why you also cannot experience it.

Don’t look at the millions of people whose lives are filled with darkness, whose hopes have never seen the light of day: look at the people in history who have experienced truth. Don’t look at the seeds which never grew into trees, which rotted and were wasted: look at those few who were successful and who experienced the divine. And remember, what was possible for those seeds is possible for every seed. What one man can experience, every other man can also experience.

Your capacity as a seed is the same as that of Buddha, of Mahavira, of Krishna or Christ. Where enlightenment is concerned nature has shown no favoritism; every man has an equal possibility. But it does not appear to be so because there are many among us who have never even tried to turn this possibility into a reality.

So to be optimistic is a basic necessity. Carry this assurance with you that if anyone has ever experienced peace, if anyone has ever experienced bliss, it is also possible for you. Don’t humiliate yourself by being pessimistic. To feel pessimistic is insulting to yourself. It means that you don’t see yourself as worthy of experiencing truth. And I say to you, you My Beloved Ones, worthy and you will certainly achieve it.

Try it and see! You have lived your whole life with a sense of hopelessness; now for these three days of the meditation camp nourish a feeling of optimism. Be as optimistic as possible that the ultimate will happen, that it will definitely happen. Why? In the outer world it is possible to approach something with optimism and not be successful. But in the inner world optimism is a very useful device. When you are full of optimism, every cell of your body is filled with optimism, every pore of your skin is filled with optimism, every breath is filled with optimism, every thought is highlighted with optimism, your lifeforce throbs with optimism and your heartbeat is suffused with optimism. When your whole being is filled with optimism, then this will create a climate in you in which the ultimate can happen.

Pessimism also creates a personality, a character where every cell is crying, is sad, is weary, is in despair, lifeless, as if one is living only in name but is dead in spirit. If this person sets out on a journey to seek something.. And the journey on the spiritual path is the greatest journey - no man has climbed a mountain peak higher than this, no man has ever dived into a deeper ocean. The depth of the self is the deepest, and the height is the highest. Someone who wants to walk this path has to be very optimistic.

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