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Chapter 13: Tomorrow Never Comes

We have reached the moon because of this logic, and we have not achieved any goal. Speed goes on becoming faster and faster and faster; sooner or later we will be moving with the speed of light, right now we are moving with the speed of sound. The more speed, the more lost you will be, because then it will be very difficult to come back home. Right now, you cannot go very far away; the more speed, the more difficult to come home.

This is why self-knowledge has become almost impossible in this age, the age of speed. Buddha realized himself easily, Jesus realized himself easily, because they lived in the age of no speed; they simply walked. The bullock cart was the fastest thing possible, and you can walk faster than a bullock cart. They walked on the earth, we are flying in the skies, we have penetrated space, and the faster we move the more difficult it becomes to come back home.

I have heard, once it happened:

Two beggars found a motorcycle on the street; somebody had forgotten to take the key with him. The motorcycle was there with a sidecar, so one tramp jumped on the motorcycle, the other in the sidecar, and they sped away bound for the next town.

After fifteen minutes the man who was driving looked at his friend. The friend’s face was absolutely red, as if he had gone mad, or as if he were dying. He asked, “What is the matter?”

The other said, “Slow down a little, because this thing has no bottom, and I have been running all the way!”

This thing desire has no bottom. You are dying because you have been running all the way, and faster and faster and faster, and this thing has no bottom. Desire has no bottom, that’s why it cannot be fulfilled. If you try to fill a pot with water and it has no bottom, when will you be able to fill it? It is impossible. Why are you not able to fill this bottomless pot of desire? You have never looked to see whether it has a bottom or not; you simply jumped in. And you have been running so fast that there is no gap to stop and have a look to see what is happening.

All the priests exploited this. But Jesus is not a priest; you cannot find a man more anti-priest than Jesus. A really religious man is never a priest, he cannot be, because the priest is exploiting your weaknesses. A really religious man, a master, wants to make you stronger. And a priest is just a cunning man who knows what your weakness is. The weakness is to look to the future, to postpone: somewhere, eventually, you will enter into the kingdom of God, but not right now. Many other more important things have to be done, many more important desires have to be fulfilled. God is always the last item on your list, and the list is infinite. He is not going to get a chance, he is the last item.

Now look at these words of Jesus.

If those who lead you say to you, “See, the kingdom is in heaven”

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