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Chapter 15: Session 15

But endarken should become a commonly used word. Everybody is endarkening everybody else. The husband is endarkening the wife; otherwise what is he doing in the dark? Just endarkening his wife. And what is the wife doing? He is a fool if he thinks only he is endarkening her. In the dark she is endarkening him more than he could ever manage. Anyway he needs glasses - she does not need them yet. He is only a poor head clerk, so of course he needs glasses. What is she? She is only a mother, a wife. She does not need glasses.

In darkness, be aware of the woman you love - particularly in darkness. Perhaps that’s why man uses light. Men love the light while they are loving; they keep their eyes open when they make love. Women keep their eyes closed. They cannot look without giggling at the ugliness of the whole thing that is going on - the baboon sitting over them, and all that et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I became a little sorry. I say a little, because for me just to be a little sorry is too much. Only one of my tears is enough. I need not cry for hours, and tear my hair out.which is no longer there. No one has ever heard of tearing out one’s beard.I don’t think in any language, not even Hebrew, such an expression exists: “tearing out one’s beard”? And you know the Hebrews and their biblical prophets, they all had beards. It is a natural law that if you have a beard you will become bald, because nature always keeps in balance.

Now, I remember my grandmother again..

Although I was small, she used to say to me, “Listen, Raja, never grow a beard.”

I would say, “Why do you mention it? I am only ten, my beard has not yet even started. Why mention it?”

She said, “One has to dig a well before the house is on fire.”

My God! She was really digging a well before the house was on fire. She was really a beautiful woman. I never understood her answer and said, “Okay, go on, say what you want to say.”

She said, “Never, never grow a beard.although I know you will.”

I said, “This is strange. If you know already, then why are you trying to prevent it?”

She said, “I am trying my best, but I know you will grow a beard - people like you always grow beards. I have known you for eleven years; there must be some reason for it.” and she started to ponder over it.

There is nothing much in it; it is just one does not want to waste one’s time every day looking in the mirror like a fool, shaving one’s beard. Just think of a woman with a beard, looking in the mirror - how would she look? A man without a beard looks exactly like that. It is simple, it saves time, and it saves you from looking like a fool, at least in your own mirror.

But one thing is certain: the moment you start growing a beard you start getting bald. Nature always remembers to keep in balance. It can only give you so many hairs. If you start growing a beard, then of course the budget has to be cut from somewhere. It is simple economics, ask any bookkeeper.

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