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Chapter 11: Of the Virtue That Makes Small

The people who had gathered - hearing that the old woman, the old miser, has died - were surprised that the woman was being uplifted by something they could not see. But she was going upwards! They could not lose such a chance, so somebody took hold of her legs.

It became a long queue. And the carrot was going up and the woman was very angry - angry naturally because it was her virtue, and all these neighbors hanging in a long queue.she could not tolerate it. When they reached near heaven, she shouted, “You idiots. You have never done anything virtuous. This carrot is mine!” But at that moment the carrot was lost, and with the woman the whole queue fell down to earth. The woman was dead, but she killed almost two hundred people.

What are our virtues: that you have given something to eat to a beggar, that you have donated for a temple to be raised. But do you think these are virtues?

I have heard, a man had just won a lottery, and he was so happy. Coming home he had to pass a bridge, and on the side of the bridge there was sitting an old blind beggar, who had always been sitting there. He had never given anything to him, but today was a different day; he had got such a big lump sum of money. He gave one rupee to the beggar.

The beggar looked at it and said, “Sir, it is fake.”

The man said, “My God! You are blind, and you can see whether the coin is fake or authentic.”

He said, “To tell you the truth, this is not my place; it belongs to my friend who is blind. Today he has gone to see the matinee show. I am the other fellow who sits on the other side of the bridge. I am just keeping his place, so nobody else gets into it. It is a very good corner.

“First I also used to be blind, but people were cheating, and I could not even say to them that they are cheating, so I dropped that idea. Now I have become deaf. Right now I am not, but when you see me in my place I am completely deaf - because I saw that at least I can prevent people cheating me.”

You think you are doing virtue by giving to a beggar; the beggar thinks he is cheating you, the beggar thinks that you are a fool. What are your virtues? Your virtues make you.but you are not great, you are not enjoying your virtues. They must be too small.

Zarathustra says:

.through your many small virtues, through your many small omissions, through your many small submissions!
Too indulgent, too yielding: that is the state of your soil! But in order to grow big, a tree wants to strike hard roots into hard rocks!

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