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Chapter 23: What Kind of Vehicle are You Using?

It all depends how you take it.

You are not sexually repressed. You suddenly remembered that you are an English lady.where are you?.what are you doing here?

A commissar was visiting a collective farm to check on the season’s crops. “How are the potatoes?” he inquired.

“The potatoes are so plentiful,” a farmer replied, “that if we put them end to end they will touch the feet of God.”

“How can that be?” blurted the commissar, “there is no God.”

“Well,” the farmer answered, “there are no potatoes either.”

Shunyo, all that has happened is that that crazy Milarepa has escaped from you. But don’t be worried; he is crazy enough, he will come back.

You can rely on me, I will see to it that the poor fellow comes back. He will roam about in the ashram a few days. You enjoy the freedom, and don’t be worried; he cannot get lost. Finally he is going to come to you.

This has been going on for years. I have been watching it, I have never said anything to you. It is not something new. Hundreds of times he must have left you and he has come back. He is a very tame fellow. You have just to give him enough rope, so that he can enjoy the idea that he is free.

There is nothing to worry about. You simply enjoy a few days of peace and silence, and paralysis.

It is very rare to find time to be alone, to be oneself. It is fortunate to find some people who once in a while escape, before they get caught somewhere else. And he has proved so reliable that many times I was thinking, now he is lost - and I see him back again.

You just have to learn patience. And by the way, it is a good excuse to learn patience, waiting and trusting that he will come. Suddenly, one night he will start knocking on your door.

I don’t think that there is any other woman who can tolerate him long enough except Shunyo - she is almost immune to Milarepa.

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