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Chapter 3: Love is Showering on Your Boyfriend Too!

Up to that point it was okay. Certainly he has much more to offer now than Bacon. But he goes on, saying, “I want to make a statement that the third canon of thought existed even before the first canon of thought of Aristotle. It was just not discovered.”

All these three books are concerned with mathematics. In Tertium Organum is the statement: “What I am going to write is not mathematics but super-mathematics.” In mathematics the part can never be equal to the whole - it is obvious. But in super-mathematics, Ouspensky says, “The part can be as big as the whole.”

The part can become the whole. When a dewdrop disappears into the ocean, slipping from the lotus leaf, do you think it remains still a dewdrop? Or do you think it is smaller than the ocean?

The moment it slips into the ocean, it becomes the ocean. Then the part and the whole are one.

Love is the art of being one with the whole.

On the path you will find many lovers. Don’t make them hindrances and don’t think of them as obstacles. That’s what has been taught to you by all religions of the world, that if you love things of the world your spiritual growth is retarded. You will never go to the beyond, you will never open your wings to the whole sky - just like an eagle flying across the sun. You will be caught somewhere.

Your boyfriend is simply a first taste, a small taste of love. He is not a hindrance. If you love me and the love towards your boyfriend disappears, then that love was not true. And you cannot be certain about your love for me, because there are greater realities. If you come across them, your love towards me will disappear. No, you are thinking in a very wrong way.

My love should make your love with your boyfriend more pure, more meditative, more musical, more authentic. I should not be a competitor, I should be a nourishment to your love. You have to learn this new language which the society has prevented. There have been reasons why the societies around the world have been preventing it: jealousies of all kinds, competitions of all kinds, fear of all kinds.that if you even love a newspaper, your wife will take it away and throw it out, “While I am here, how dare you.!” And it is true that you were hiding yourself behind the newspaper so as not to see the woman. You were keeping that newspaper upside down, you were not reading it. It was just to keep a coexistence with your wife to whom you say, “I love you.”

The American philosopher Dale Carnegie, who is the most stupid philosopher I have come across, suggests in a book how to influence people and win friends - but you know in America everything is superficial, a hypocrisy. He is teaching a hypocrisy; he says: “At least three times a day, you should say to your wife, ‘I love you darling.’“ It does not matter whether you love or not. It is a question of coexistence; otherwise she is going to create trouble. Bring roses and ice cream and Coca Cola just as symbols of your love.

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