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Chapter 6: Don’t Look at Happiness Too Long

The missionary started laughing, he said, “It was really a joke!” For one month the house haunted me like anything, and I wanted to go in but I contained myself - that’s not good, to enter, interfere, trespass. But today I couldn’t contain my curiosity, I said, “It’s okay, I must go and see what is the matter. And the key had always been in the house!”

The key is with you. The treasure is with you. You have forgotten both. When the energy returns inwards - that is the key. The energy returning inwards is the key, it opens the door - and suddenly, the treasure of all treasures is there.

The third question:

You said that when two beings are in love they are in communion with each other. Then why does the world call it ‘falling’ in love when it is such an ecstatic happening and not a fall to a lower plane?

The world calls it falling in love because the world is ruled by the head, and heart is lower than the head.

When somebody falls in love he falls from the head towards the heart. And heart is there in childhood, head grows later on. Head is a later growth. You are born with a heart, you are not born with a head. You are born only with the possibility of a head, not with the head.

Reason has to be taught, love cannot be taught. Reason has to be forced on you, your mind has to be conditioned. Schools, colleges, universities exist for reason; there exists no school, no college, no university for love - there is no need! One is born with a heart already functioning perfectly. The head is just a possibility. If it is taught, conditioned, it will function; if not, it won’t function at all.

So when again in your youth you move into the relationship of love, you feel it also like a fall, because the mind feels that you are moving backwards, falling towards the childhood, moving towards the heart again. And the head has a condemnation for the heart; that condemnation is also involved in that term falling. The head is saying: What foolish thing are you going to do? Are you mad? It is a fall! Avoid it!

For the head, love is the greatest enemy; because once you are in love you become irrational. Look at two lovers - they talk foolishly, they behave foolishly, they are almost mad.and the head goes on condemning and judging: What are you doing?

You are falling back. That’s why the world calls love a falling. But it is good to fall. In another sense also, not in a condemnatory sense, it is a fall, because it leads you towards depth. Reason is superficial. Heart is a deeper phenomenon within you, it leads towards depth, it is diving into your being.

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