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Chapter 4: Tao Tantra

Tao has no technique - this is the first thing to be understood. But there is another thing of great importance - that is, Tao has its own Tantra. But it is not technique.

There is no meeting possible between the Indian Tantra and the Chinese Tao, no meeting is possible. They are far away, poles apart, and it is impossible to mix them. If somebody tries to mix them Tao will be destroyed, Tantra will not be destroyed. Always remember whenever you mix a higher standpoint with a lower, the higher is destroyed not the lower. It is always the higher that loses because the higher is delicate, the higher is very, very vulnerable, fragile, like a flower. If you crush a flower with a rock, the rock is not going to be destroyed. The rock may not even come to know that there has been a clash. But the flower will be gone - crushed, destroyed. Tao is the highest possibility and Tantra can destroy it. So remember not to mix them.

But Tao has its own Tantra because Tao is a total world view. It has everything that is possible. It is the whole. So there must be something in it for love, for sex there is.

What is Taoist Tantra? I have to use the word Tantra remember, but I am not using it in the Indian sense. What is Taoist Tantra? It is spontaneity in sexuality; it is spontaneity in love.

For example, if you read a Tantra manual, an Indian Tantra manual, there is great ritual in it. Every step is very clearly indicated. It is not easy to practice Indian Tantra - you will have to become adept at it. Don’t fool around. Don’t think that while you are making love to a woman you are practicing Tantra. Tantra is difficult. It is a long process. And it takes years to get trained in it.

The greatest training that is involved and the most difficult problem that arises is that Tantra allows a man to make love to a woman only when the man has lost all sexual attraction towards the woman. There is no sexual attraction at all. That is the whole process. The woman becomes almost a mother to you or a sister to you a goddess. She has to be worshipped. In Tantra ritual the woman has to be worshipped like a goddess. And for months together one has to practice that worship.

The woman sits naked in front of you on a throne and you worship and you bow down and you pray to her and you create the idea in the deepest core of consciousness that she is just a representative of all womanhood, motherhood. She is a goddess.

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