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Chapter 5: The White Flame of Life

Next time you go, watch. If you remain a spectator you will remain unaffected, because the spectator will go on knowing that this is just nothing. Nothing is happening. The moment you become a participant, it is no more just nothing, it has become everything. Here you lose awareness, and there the dream becomes real. Here you gain awareness, and the dream becomes a dream.

So the whole question is: What are you doing in the world? Are you a participant in it? Or a watcher? If you are a participant you have become unreal and the world has become real. It is you who put your reality into the world, and then the world becomes real. It depends on you: you can take it back. Once you take it back, you become aware, the world starts becoming unreal. The reality of the world depends on how much you participate and how much you witness. Those rare moments of witnessing, and you will see Hindus are right when they say the world is maya - illusion.

Takan is right when he says it is all a dream - life and death. His last statement should be the first too - this is the whole story.

But we have put much investment in our belief-systems. You must be aware of it - if you are not involved, you become aware. Somebody has fallen in love with somebody - you laugh. All lovers look ridiculous to people who are not in love. All lovers look foolish, stupid, mad. That’s why we say that somebody has fallen in love. Fallen - he is no more upright, he is no more alert to what he is doing. That’s why we say lovers are blind, love is blind. It is so, for those who are not participants. But for the one who is participating in it, it is no more a dream, it is the only reality there is. All other realities have disappeared; only one reality is there.

When two lovers are moving hand in hand, the world that you see they don’t see. They have their own world, a private world. That’s why lovers have never been liked by other people - because lovers don’t live in the common world, they live in their own private world. They have a private language. They feel enough; together they are enough. If the whole world disappears they don’t care, they couldn’t care less. In fact the world just seems a hindrance. Lovers want to be alone, they don’t want to be interfered with. They are moving into a different reality.

When love disappears even these lovers will laugh about their own past, and they will say, “How foolish I was!” That’s what all old people say - they say how foolish they were when they were young. That does not necessarily mean that they have become wise. If they are young again, if some miracle happens and they become young again, they will again be as foolish as ever.

In fact, an old man starts going to the temple or the mosque or gurudwara or the church - now he has started living in another dream, the religious dream. Now he talks with Krishna. First, he used to talk with his beloved - the beloved may be thousands of miles away, and he used to talk to her, and he was constantly filled with her image. Now he thinks of Krishna, Christ, God, and is talking, praying. This is again entering into another dream.

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