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Chapter 25: The Only Alternative


And the pope to you is the Polack Pope and an idiot, and their religion is stupid.


I agree with you. You identify yourself, however, as a religious leader.


No? What are you, then?

Just a simple human being, just like you - with the little difference that your eyes are closed and my eyes are open. But you can open your eyes any moment and the difference disappears. Or, I may close my eyes.. Just that much difference, nothing much.

First I will try for you to open your eyes: but if I feel that everybody wants to sleep, then why should I bother? I should go to sleep myself! I don’t take anything seriously.

Leaders are serious people, taking the responsibility of the flock. And that’s why I call them names, because I cannot find worse condemnations for these people. Jesus I call a crackpot, a mental case, a man with a wish to die. And his whole life is the life of a schizophrenic. The behavior is enough proof: he curses a fig tree - can you think a man sane if he curses a fig tree because there are no figs on it? And it was not the season for figs! The poor fig tree, what can she do? But he was angry because he had come from a village where people had refused to give food to him and his twelve fools that he used to call apostles. And they were all hungry and tired, and then they came to the fig tree, and there were no fruits.

And this man talks about, “Love your enemy.” Even, “Love your neighbor,” - which is more difficult than loving your enemy! I can love the enemy very easily, because there is so much distance between the enemy and me, but to love the neighbor is just like loving your wife.

This man is talking about love, this man is talking about compassion, kindness, and he is not compassionate to the poor fig tree. And somebody cursing a tree - what do you think of him? If I call him a crackpot nothing is wrong in it; he was absolutely insane.

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